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Build an affiliate program for Magento store easily

Carrying out a full-scale affiliate program is an indispensable way to boost sales and extend market segments for your online store. Affiliate marketing is one of the most leading customer acquisition channels used by many eCommerce giants like Amazon, Alibaba,…

In word, affiliate program is a system based on reward merchandise that incentivizes clients to promote owner’s products. They will receive commission as a reward.

Instead of spending a lot of money on marketing campaigns, your business just pays a pittance for the affiliate’s commission. Then immediately your website is getting more traffics on your website.


Sign-up and Enrollment – Simple and Free


The recruitment of your affiliate partners is executed straightforwardly than ever before. Signing up and enrolling in affiliate program is also free and simple to attract participants.


Management – Easy and Clear


The business owners will not have difficulties in managing affiliates’ performance anymore with Magenest Affiliate Extension. This software helps to check out, control and filter each transactions with ease. Beside, you can update detailed accounts for sales, clicks and impressions by a clear system.


Supportive tools – Various and Customizable


Your affiliates have a lot of tool to boost appearance of products with several referral links and coupons. So they easily embedded these tools anywhere on their site for promotion without any high-level techniques.


Commissions paid- Suitable and Attractive


This solution allows you to builds a reasonable setting for your affiliate partners by configuring different commissions (percentage or fixed) based on your marketing strategy. In addition to, there are a variety of payout rules you can choose: pay per sale, pay per lead, pay per click, pay per mile.


Payment methods – Multiple choices


While the payout request will be created automatically, you can pay for your referrals by Paypal, Paypal API auto-process, bank transfer or online payments in relation specific withdrawal requirements.


Changing your online store with Magenest’s affiliate extension


Whenever you need an extension to push your sale, Magenest affiliate is always available solution. In the next stage, we are going to introduce a complete affiliate version, you can build your Magento multi-level marketing program at ease. Magenest faithfully promises a perfect affiliate program with various effective functions, which absolutely satisfy all of your expectations.

Building your own system of loyal customers and extend sales even when you sleep.

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