In the global market, businessmen are trying to reach the farther land outside their country. There are numerous ways for the business people to spread their brands. Obviously, online map is an effective way for them to get the attention from the customer. There are many famous brands which use the store locator to broadcast the name of them.


What is a store locator?


A store locator can be humorously referred to by us as "a map with some pins". Despite its simple principle, it is often adopted by companies with physical stores and is based on the Google Maps or similar services. The main purpose of the locator is to provide customers with a list of the stores and the direction to them. Brands also use store locators to provide more information about the specific stores.


The benefits of a store locator


        1Save your time and money


When a client needs to find out your store location, they can use the internet map for searching. During the searching progress, customers both gain the address and have more information about it such as the brief history.

Therefore, you do not need to hire more staffs for going outside to spread out your brand. In the other word, businessmen do not have to invest a lot of money and time for advertisement.


        2. Bring new experience to customers


Google maps are the convenient services for the human. In the active market, the map can provide a lot of useful applications within a small device.

First of all, if the customer does not know the exact location of a store, the brand locator will give him the address. Moreover, the online map can be a trusted guide. Clearly, when the customer is still vague about the direction to your store, he can use the map to show him the easiest way.

Secondly, the location finders provide more idea about the new brand for people. One day, you have no idea about a suitable brand for your demand. That is the time you can check out a new favorite shop on the internet. And for sure, this store locator will help you out.


        3. Broadcast your brand


That means people relying much on the technological applications. It is easy to find out on the street a man bringing with him a smartphone. This is a good chance for businessmen to use the geo-location software to get closer to many customers.

Nevertheless, the news on the internet can spread quickly that will let more and more people know about your brand.



Well-known brands using the store locator


With all the plus points of these location finders, we have many famous brands in the world using them.



The founders started their business in 2002 and the business job has been thriving since then. One of the keys to success comes from the online map. With the help of this service, people in the country and overseas can know the company quickly. As a result, they can enlarge their market and integrate more customers.


store finder shoes




With numerous stores in different countries all over the world, this company gains the huge profits per year. We can easily look up a ZARA store on our with Google Maps. This is a crucial factor of the whole successful business marketing.



coffee shop finder




This is a famous brand in the fast food world. The marketing strategy of the McDonald’s corporation always focuses on spreading out all over the Earth. Therefore, they also use the store locator as a channel of advertisement.



game store finder




Even tech giants like Apple uses it.


tech store finder



In short, we can conclude that due to its wide adoption, a store locator is a must-have channel for brands that have more than one physical stores. Magento 2 store owners can check out our module Advanced Store Locator that provides every essential feature that a store locator needs.


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