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Magento 2.2.4 Release Note – What to expect?

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magento 2.2.4
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Magento 2.2.4 Release Note – What to expect?

The newest version for Magento, 2.2.4 is only weeks away from the release date. The update is packed with new features and under-the-hood enhancements. In this entry, we will cover the  Magento 2.2.4 release note and what upcoming changes to be excited about and why we think you should upgrade right away.


The theme

Cart abandonment has long been a daunting problem for e-Commerce businesses, and with this release, Magento is providing their own solution to the matter. By partnering with strong payment and shipping merchants, along with thorough software tweaks, Magento aims to offer users with a faster, more transparent and flexible checkout.



As mentioned above, Magento 2.2.4 is bundled with 3rd-party extensions right out of the box, specifically Amazon Pay, Vertex, Klarna, and dotmailer. With this update, merchants can access important functions that were previously not included in the core release. Thanks to this integration, a consistent UX is also assured. Furthermore, merchants can be confident in the quality of these extensions, as they have been tested by Magento Core Engineering team prior to release. Last but not least, Magento will be updating these extensions with each future Magento release, so merchants can have access to the newest functions as soon as they are available, so don’t try to hang on to an older Magento build.

Also introduced in this release are Magento Shipping incremental features, integrated with Magento Order Management. Magento Shipping also has the ability to process ad hoc returns and run basic reporting.

The 2.2.4 release also comes with various software quality improvements and performance enhancements. The update comes with 80 engineering fixes and over 200 community contributions. Thanks to media directory enhancements, image loading is much faster than in the previous builds. A 10% performance increase is also guaranteed by optimizing the initialization process of product view block. And by caching popular results, response times are significantly reduced by 36%.


Should you upgrade to Magento 2.2.4?
Magento version 2.2.4 promises impactful functional features and polished performance, and we highly recommend you upgrade your platform when the time comes. If you are concerned about lacking a strong backing team of developers to navigate your company through future changes, contact us at, our advisory and consulting team are available for help.

Magento 2 theme custom vs prebuilt
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Magento 2 Theme Pre-built vs Custom – What is best for you

If you want to create a website that includes attractive pages or beautiful blog and pictures, Magento 2 Theme Pre-built or Custom Built or template is one of the first things that you need to consider to ensure the success of your webshop. Layout, fonts, colors, locations and image sizes,  etc, are the factor to have a flawless UX and UI for attracting the users. However, the key factor is how to choose what works for your site. Because of the differences from the choices of each e-commerce business, here, I would like to show some features of Pre-built and Custom Built Theme that provide the comprehensive visions for making your own choices.


Pre-built Theme




Faster time and cost-effective

With Pre-built themes, your website will come to the market with less time and cost and it’s extremely effective. Imagine your site is a like a house, with Pre-built themes, you only need bring your own items to put in your home without built or design any walls because someone did it. In the simple way of thinking, it is like a renting. So, really, you needn’t do much but you still have a complete website.


Suitable for the startup company or small businesses

If your site has a startup or small business, Pre-built themes will be the best choice. Why? For the startup, you don’t have enough money and can’t have risk investment. You don’t have much technical and design experience to create a perfect online store. Or simply, your online store doesn’t have big demands. Thus, these are a reason why you should choose Pre-built themes.




Load time

Pre-built themes have a dozen of options and features. In some case, some options are not necessary for a particular page. Therefore, though the variety of options and features are great for site maintainers, it makes a big effect for the user, which slows down time and load time. As a result, it’s going to decrease the user’s interaction and satisfaction.



Pre-built themes are suitable for all website, however, it is really hard to make your own. Particularly, Pre-built themes have some limited features and customizations, you cannot add any other options or features you want. Pre-built themes are going to have a specific requirement for each page, menu, or section within the page that you must follow without any other options. For example, if you want to put the image in other place or make the box wider, Pre-built will not support. Thus, you have to use rigid themes and can’t customize yourself.

A pre-built theme is a good option for small business, or if you are having a tight schedule, if this is you, consider reading our other post of How to choose the best Magento 2 theme


Custom Theme




Full control website’s look and functionality.

With Custom themes, you are a designer and a creator of your own site. As you do it, you completely control, change and maintain its really necessary functionality. This is the best way for you to plan your future online store such as how your brand showcased to the customer and how to make it impressive for the users. Thereby, the customization allows you to design a unique website of your own, certainly, it will bring you on the top.



Recently, the market has a flood with tremendous online stores, recognizing your brand in the market is very difficult if you don’t have an outstanding website design. Custom themes which built from design take you to a new level. By using the Custom themes, you are going to have a powerful presence in the market with a unique website which really attracts the potential customers.




Slower time to market

From start, it takes a long time for you to create a design and implement it. This process requires a large amount of time. Furthermore, you never know what your website looks like until the process design is finished. However, in order to ensure the stable and sustainable growth of your site, especially, if you are a medium and large business’ online store, this is a better way to choose instead of the Pre-built themes.


High cost

A website design using custom theme having to ensure business purposes. So, it is going to require the extra cost of hiring a developer (unless you are a professional developer) to develop and maintain the website. Besides that, even if you are a professional developer, the extra cost investment should be done to maintain your site, and promote the website brand as well. The cost of fluctuations depends on the complexity of the website, type, and size. However, do not fear to invest the amount on the website since it is going to bring you an extremely significant profit.


As you can see, we have just listed some prominent pros and cons of Pre-built and Custom themes to help you make a right decision for your own website. Let remember, your decision depends on many factors, particularly time and budget. However, you can choose Pre-built themes to run first to see it how it goes and after that, if you have a deep pocket, you can invest the time and money to choose the Custom theme. Building a unique and effective front-end is one of Magenest Magento 2 Development Service, share with us your idea, so we can make it a reality!


Shopping in Instagram
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Shopping on Instagram. Why not?

Over 500 millions people use the Web browser or mobile devices for image search to purchase the products each month is not a small number prove the development of today’s visual world. The invention and activity of image and video editing apps are one of the evidence of it. Nevertheless, it is important that the firms, businesses can use these bases to achieve competitive advantages in the sale and online shopping market.

Instagram is considered as the most common social network for sharing the images today. By using Instagram, the online businesses can advertise and promote their wonderful products and services, connect with existing customers as well as look for the potential customers. Thanks to visually stunning images when using Magento 2 Instagram Integration Extension, customers’ shopping will become easier than ever. The information relating the products, the hashtag are provided helping users find out a plenty of choices in product pages.


Check out a gallery of your store’s Instagram photos

With Magento 2 Instagram Integration, admin can create and set a slider showcasing your Instagram photos anywhere on your storefront. As a result, customers’ shopping will be stimulated and attracted more to visit the Instagram site. Thus, the online businesses store can create a better social presence for their company. Then, the customers or users can check out the gallery images in any Magento store to look for the products suit their needs in the fastest and the most convenient way. A lot of customers confuse how the products are, simply, the customer need only hover over the photo, a caption window will slide from right to left and display like in the first photo. Thus, the customers can see immediately the information of products that want.

Shop this look
Shop this look!

Check out a gallery of tagged photos.

Magento 2 Instagram Integration Extension provides the feature to create new products for Magento store by only posting the images on Instagram. When a new image is posted to Instagram attached to a hashtag, this extension will take this image and price hashtag to create the new product on Magento. The price hashtag you insert using to determine the product price.

Therefore, the customers can look for the products through the hashtag. The products come with this hashtag will be shown to users as a photo gallery, helping them find many choices for their demands.

With Magento 2 Instagram Integration, shopping is simple and convenient. Let’s join us. Why not?

magento 2 extensions boost sales
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Keep sales high after the New Year with Magento 2 extensions

When consumers exhaust themselves with holiday shopping, they tend to tighten their wallets throughout the following months. This does not mean that online spending stops, however, and with the right planning, e-commerce stores can still effectively inspire sales during this seasonal slump. To help your e-commerce operations prosper after the holidays end, check out the following 5 magento 2 extensions boost sales.

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magento 2 content staging
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Content Staging of Enterprise Edition – Key to Efficient Content Publishing

Are there any extensions that enable you to create new shopping experiences faster and easier than before? It’s Magento 2 Content Staging that I need to mention first!

Basically, Magento 2 Content Staging is a great toolkit for merchants to manage multiple promotional campaigns. Especially it’s really helpful for consecutive campaigns where months of preparation in advance are required.

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magento 2 customer segmentation
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Magento 2 Customer Segmentation for a new digital experience

In an era of big data, hyper-connected digital customer, and hyper-personalization, segmentation is the cornerstone of customer insight and understanding across the modern digital business. But the question is: Is your segmentation approached antiquated or advanced? Let’s take a look at Magento 2 customer segmentation then answer it yourself!

Basically, the concept of segmentation is so straight-forward.

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magento commerce visual merchandiser
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Visual Merchandiser for Magento Commerce

Magento Commerce Visual Merchandiser is a toolkit that helps store managers to change the order of display for your products. You can create rules to assign products to specific categories, and sort these products according to automated rules. For non-technical store managers, arranging products in categories become so simple with a drag-and-drop interface. Merchants can easily drag any products they want to highlight on top, and hide those that are not selling well at the bottom. So working in Magento now is just as easy as in a physical store. Drag anything you want and re-arrange products in just several clicks.

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