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Payment System Struggle

Magento 2 Payments

Magento Payment Gateway Integrations: An Overview of Contenders | Magenest

Perhaps we can all agree with this opinion:

“In the digital age, payment is increasingly being done online.”

Today there are various online payment gateways that act as standalone processors or as

integrations in e-Commerce platforms such as Magento.

You might be thinking of PayPal, yes?

Since the dot-com bubble of the last two decades, PayPal is by-and-large the largest payment

gateway on the planet.

But PayPal’s not the only contender here.

Other significant competitors are there, competing with PayPal since the smartphone era.

In this article we show you most popular payment gateways online. Especially in case you’re doing

commerce business.

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Best CRM Applications – Zoho vs. Salesforce | Magenest

If you’re already familiar with the best CRM applications, you might be wondering:

“Should I choose Zoho CRM or Salesfor    ce? Which one is better?”

Of course you might have heard of alternatives, but really these two are top-tier. Both of them are

on the lists of the best CRM applications that we should consider to purchase.

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Gift Wrapping Ideas

Instead of spending hundreds of dollar on luxury bags, it is way more economical and straightforward to turn wrapping paper, craft paper or even a pre-loved envelope into an original and stunning paper gift bag.
Reference link:

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