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Keep sales high after the New Year with Magento 2 extensions

When consumers exhaust themselves with holiday shopping, they tend to tighten their wallets throughout the following months. This does not mean that online spending stops, however, and with the right planning, e-commerce stores can still effectively inspire sales during this seasonal slump. To help your e-commerce operations prosper after the holidays end, check out the following 5 magento 2 extensions boost sales.

1. Offer the New Year promotions

Starting New Year by offering discounts, bonus gifts and the like targeted toward the shoppers is still a great way to grab their attention.

If you’d like to create promotions for your customers, check out Free Gift Discount.

Among its features, this extension allows store administrators to package free gifts with purchases of select products from their store. It also includes the ability to create custom shopping cart price rules, offer buy-one-get-one deals, set discount parameters, and more.

2. Stay fresh in your customer’s minds

Don’t forget to keep in touch with your holiday shoppers. You can contact them via targeted email campaigns that stimulate a dialogue between your customers and your brand.

Studies show that businesses who build a connection with their customers through email marketing automation maintain high conversion rates that range up to 50%.

It’s a proven tactic, and with so many ways to establish automated email campaigns, there’s no reason to lose out.

Follow Up Email is one of the best magento 2 extensions boost sales that designed to manage web store emails. It also includes tracking so you can monitor their performance. Most importantly, you can use email variables and templates to personalize emails for each customer.

3. Create incentives for repeat business

Customers who’ve bought from you are more likely to return if you reward them for their business.

Not only will a special discount make them feel appreciated by your brand, the reduced costs will also make your products all the more appealing.

There’s a good chance any customer who bought from your store found other enticing items in your product pages. A post-purchase reward point may just be the thing to encourage them to come back and pick those up as well.

For magento 2 extensions boost sales that integrate point reward, you can check out Reward Points.

This reward extension automatically give points to customers when they spend money on your web store, create new account, review products or subscribe for newsletter.

This way, you can inspire reviews and subscribing that help market your products while rewarding customer behavior to drive repeat business.

4. Send target product reminders

When holiday shopping, online consumers browse and fill their carts with countless items that they never end up purchasing. This demonstrates that, while they may not have bought anything then, they do have an active interest in those products.

Because of this, a gentle reminder after the holiday season ends can easily turn those lost sales into new opportunities.

Try creating product recommendations based on your customer’s past activity to send powerful messages that inspire return business. Couple your reminders and recommendations with an after-holiday discount, and you’ll have a fantastic recipe for recovering potential sales.

If you’ve yet to set up abandon cart recovery email reminders, this magento 2 extensions boost sales is available to help you out.

It provides web-stores with the ability to establish a cart recovery strategy through emails well suited to bolster post-holiday sales. It also comes with the option to add coupons in your recovery emails, along with email tracking to see what parts of your recovery strategy works, and what could be improved.

5. Make the most of gift card

When a customer buys a gift card for your store, from your store, you make an immediate profit. But that’s just the beginning of the benefits holiday gift cards provide.

Regardless if a gift card you sold is actually used or not, you’ve already made your sale. On top of that, whoever the recipient of the gift card was now has a reason to visit your store. While there, they may only use the card, or make additional purchases that earn you extra revenue.

At the very least, any gift card you sell also increases your brand awareness between your customer’s friends. This means they are that much more likely to visit your store again in the future—gift card or not.

Gift Card Voucher allows you to encourage post-holiday sales by selling gift cards as products during the holiday season.

You’ll be able to offer physical and digital gift cards for your customers to purchase and send to their friends. With the extension, you can also provide the option for customers to replenish existing gift cards with additional funds too.

Keep sales high after the New Year with Magento 2 extensions
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