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Magento 2 Hotel booking

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Hotel Booking, the best solution for all types of hotels, motels, B&Bs, resorts, apartments, camp sites, etc, ...

  • Easy to create hotel room types and packet for each one of them.
  • Easy to create price rules for all packets (special dates, recurring time)
  • Customers can easily customize search options for hotel booking with guests, check in date, checkout date

Manage complex hotel chains with a breeze

Create hotel

  • Insert the brand name of your hotel
  • Add a wonderful description of your hotel to convince your customers
  • Add social proof to your property with star rating
  • Add the location and address of your hotel so customers will know where to find you on their trip
  • Location info includes country, city, address, and longitude and latitude for Google Map reference

Add hotel features

  • Choose from a list of features to add to your hotel services
  • Choose from 7 popular built-in feature groups
  • Choose from 18 built-in features for convenience
  • Add beautiful images about your hotel to create visual attraction for customers visiting your website

Add hotel rooms

  • Create a new hotel room from product catalog in Magento 2
  • Automatically link hotel room to hotel type
  • Assign the newly created room to a hotel
  • Pick a name for the hotel room
  • Add a description for the hotel room
  • Add features to the room to give customers more info
  • Create service packages for hotels with different quantities and prices

Add included hotel services

Included services are an essential part of the hotel service package. Customers will not be charged when using include services in a hotel.

  • Add a new included service
  • Name the new service
  • Add a description for the service to make it clear to your customers

Add optional hotel services

Extra hotel services are an optional part of the hotel packages and are offered to customers for free. Customers will have to pay for an extra fee if they want to use the extra services.

  • Create extra service
  • Name the extra service for easy recognition
  • Assign a specific price to the extra service that customers will payfor

Add Promotional Events

Promotion events at a hotel might be an extra mark and cultural when customers consider a destination. Having a special event at your hotel might increase customer conversion rate.

  • Add the name of the promotional event
  • Add a description for the promotional event

Create custom email templates to send to customers

  • Automatically send email notification to customers when they book room
  • Choose a sender display email for the email notification

See hotel location - Integration with Google Map

  • Our hotel booking plugin uses the Google Map API to integrate the Magento 2 store with Google map
  • Using the API, merchants display a Google Map showing the location of their hotel in the front page
  • Customers can see the location of the hotel on the map and make planned decisions for their trip

Special date pricing rule

  • Set a rule name for differentiation
  • Set a starting date for the rule
  • Set an ending date for the rule
  • Choose how the special price will be calculated: add or subtract a fixed amount, add or subtract a percentage of the original price

Recurring date pricing rule

  • Set priority
  • Set a recurring rule on a daily, weekly or monthly basis
  • Choose which days to reapply the rule every week, month or year
  • Set how to calculate the pricing: add or subtract a fixed amount, add or subtract a percentage of the original price

Create quick order at the front desk

For customers that arrive at the hotel in a hurry, they need a way to quickly rent a room without any hassle involved.

  • Enter customer details, including their names, email, home address and phone number.
  • Choose the hotel to stay in from a drop-down list
  • Choose a room in that hotel from a the corresponding drop-down list
  • Choose a service package a list that the room offers
  • Choose from a list of extra services

Full list of features for Magento 2 Hotel Booking

  • Create hotels in Magento 2
  • Create hotel rooms
  • Assign rooms to hotels
  • Add included and optional services
  • Add promotional events to hotel rooms
  • Add pricing rules on special dates
  • Add recurring pricing rules
  • Add combo pricing rules
  • Quickly create order for customers at the front desk

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