CE 2.2.x, EE 2.2.x
Version 1.0.3

Magento 2 Membership

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Membership Program extension for Magento 2 brings comfort and convenience for the owner stores to create and manage their membership packages

  • Strategic pricing for membership plans
  • Efficient plan management - Flexible plan rules
  • Email Templates - Membership notifications
  • User-friendly interface

Gain customer engagement and loyalty with Membership Extension for Magento 2

Create membership plans

  • Set a plan name for easy management
  • Set the price for the plan to attract buyer
  • Add a description to make the plan more easy to understand to potential member
  • Set the plan duration as limited (customers will have to renew the plan when it ends) or permanent (the plan will never end)
  • Set the effective duration of the plan in number of day/week/month/year
  • Turn the plan on or off - Customers might or might not see the plan and buy it
  • Choose a header color for the plan for visual distinction
  • Add a benefit lists to show all the perks members can enjoy when buying the plan - This list will display on the store front

Manage membership quantity and related plans

  • Create a product corresponding to the plan so customers can buy the plan
  • Set an SKU for easy product management later
  • Set the number of membership packages available for each plan (stock quantity)
  • Add an image to represent the plan
  • Set related plans for the product to create a multi-level membership pricing scheme.
  • Member can upgrade or downgrade from one plan to another easily. For example, a club might offer three different plan levels - gold, silver, and bronze.

Strategic pricing for plan level

As you offer a multitude of plans to your customers, there are those who will want to switch to a higher or a lower plan. How you charge customers when they switch their plan can affect customer satisfaction. Magento 2 Membership offers 4 ways for merchants to charge members when they upgrade their plan

  • Subtract remaining plan value - Calculate the remaining value of the plan based on the remaining duration that the plan has
  • New plan price subtract fixed amount - Merchants will set a fixed discount value when customers upgrade their plan
  • Percentage discount on new plan price - Members get a specific discount amount (set by merchants) on the new plan’s original price
  • New plan price subtract old plan price - Charge customers the difference amount between the two plans

Motivate and influence customer with flexible plan rules

  • Create membership rules that apply to a certain group of products or category of products
  • Set restriction rules that prevent non-members from accessing exclusive products for a membership plan or level. The restriction rule will use the conditions created in the membership rule section
  • Set discount rule for plan member on certain groups of products. This discount will use the conditions created in the membership rule section

Manage member and their membership status

    Store managers can go to individual plans in Magento 2 store backend to see a list of members of that plan. Or they can view all members of different plans in the member purchase history section.

Send email notification to customers on membership

  • Send notification email when customer purchases a new membership
  • Send notification email when customer cancels the membership
  • Send notification email when the membership plan expires to remind customers to resubscribe
  • Set a display email name for customers to gain more trust from them

Full list of features for Magento 2 Membership Extension

  • Create and manage membership plans
  • Manage multiple plan levels in a membership scheme
  • Limit access to products to certain memberships plan only
  • Offer different levels of discounts on products for different membership plan levels
  • Set pricing policies for member upgrading to a more premium plan
  • Send email notification on membership order status
  • Manage members of a plan and their membership status

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