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Multiple Warehouses

Multiple Warehouse extension for Magento 2 is a great tool allowing admins to manage several locations efficiently as well as keep track of inventory. 



Multiple Warehouse is an enterprise-class extension that helps store merchants with organizing warehouses, managing stock and shipping from those warehouses. Each warehouse will have its own details such as address, contacts and allowed shipping methods. New shipping methods can be defined, which will in turn simplify the checkout process. The following is key features of Multiple Warehouses.

The following is the key features of Advanced Product Options extension.

Highlight Features

  • Admin can define multiple warehouses, each with their own specific information, such as location, contacts, allowed shipping carriers and methods.
  • Admin can assign products to individual warehouses.
  • Admin can combine shipping methods from specific shipping carriers and warehouses.
  • View warehouse shipping detail from backend Order view. Information such as which product is shipped from which warehouse using which method will be displayed.

How does it work

    • Configuration

      Firstly, you need to set the the shipping method configuration to use Multiple Warehouse extension. Go to

Stores > Sales > Shipping Methods > Magenest Multiple Warehouse.

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      In this config, the admin can specify the following parameters:

      • Whether the methods can be displayed on checkout or not.
      • Carrier name.
      • Default warehouse. The warehouse must be defined first.
      • Carrier name.
      • Maximum number of automatic combined methods.
      • Package mod. This option will help merchants define the algorithm for deviding an order into multiple packages. In the current version of the extension, only Shortest Distance option is available.
      • Handling fee and rules.

      In the current version of the extension, Fedex is the only available carrier. There are some Fedex's unique parameters that merchants have to define, including:

      • Packaging.
      • Dropoff.
      • Weight Unit.
      • Maximum Package Weight.
      • Residential Delivery.
      • Hub ID.

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  • Create a new warehouse

      After setting configuration completely, admins will need to create some warehouses used by the store owner.

      To create warehouses, admin need to choose

Magenest Multiple Warehouse

      and click on


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      Then, the Warehouse Manager page will be shown. Here admin can see and manage the list of all the created warehouses.

      If merchants want to create a new warehouse, they need to click on Add New Warehouse button.

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      At New Warehouse tab, admins will need to enter some fields regarding their warehouses, including:

      • Name: the Warehouse name.
      • Status: Where the warehouse have used or not.
      • Country.
      • Region.
      • ZIp/Postal Code.
      • City.
      • ...
      Click on

Save Warehouse

      button to complete.

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  • Combine carrier methods

      At Combine tab, admin will choose a payment method which is available in dop-down list such as Ground, Express Overnight and so on. In the current version of the extension, Fedex is the only available carrier.

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  • Automatic Combine Method Naming

      Go to Magenest Multiple Warehouse > Automatic Combine Method Naming. At Automatic Combine Methods Naming page, admins will enter some method name corresponding with method code that they wish. Then, the system will be generate these methods at Front End Magento 2.

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  • View and manage orders

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  • 100% Open source
  • Easy to install and configure
  • User-friendly interface

Front-end Demo

Home Page

Back-end Demo



Version 1.0.0 - Updated: August 29, 2016

Compatibility: magento 2.1

### Added
- Allow admins to create multiple warehouses with location details, contact information and shipping carrier credentials.
- Allow admins to tweak the shipping parameters as they desire
+ Custom shipping method name, which is used for checkout display
+ Default warehouse
+ Maximum number of automatic combined methods that is allowed to be displayed on checkout
+ Algorithm for dividing order items into packages
+ Test mode
+ Handling fee and rules
- Allow admins to set the config to some Fedex's unique parameters
+ Packaging
+ Dropoff tpye
+ Weight unit
+ Maximum package weight
+ Residential delivery
+ Hub ID
- Allow admins to manually combine shipping methods based on warehouses' allowed shipping carriers and methods.
- Allow admins to set the names to automatic combined methods
- Allow admins to view packages information in order view
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