Multiple Warehouses

Multiple Warehouse extension for Magento 2 is a great tool allowing admins to manage several locations efficiently as well as keep track of inventory. 

  • Manage and update regularly stock quantities
  • Help store owners choose the nearest warehouse to the shipping address
  • Automatically merge shipping methods
  • Create and combine rules
CE 2.1.x, EE 2.1.x
Version 1.1.0



Manage stock quantities and optimize shipping methods for merchants with Magento Multiple Warehouses

Manage warehouses and inventories

  • Create unlimited numbers of warehouses
  • Turn on or off any warehouse for use in store
  • Add additional information to the warehouse, including geography (country, regioin, zip/postal code, city), contact name, contact email, telephone, description, etc
  • Assign any products and number of stock quantities to a warehouse easily
  • Choose allowed shipping methods for the warehouse

Merge shipping methods manually

When customers buy products that are stocked in different warehouses, different shipping methods may apply. Merchants might combine different shipping methods to form a new method for customers so they can conveniently choose a new method based on the other two methods

Automatically merge shipping methods

In addition to manual merging methods, merchants might also create automatic merging rules that automatically look at the available shipping methods for the order containing products from different warehouse. The extension will use their built-in algorithms to combine different shipping methods, creating a totally new shipping method that meet a preset criteria. Currently, our Magento Multiple Warehouses use three smart combining criteria

  • Cheapest method - This criteria will create a combined shipping method that costs the least for customers, but it will likely take a lot of shipping time to arrive at customer's door
  • Most expensive - This method will combine the most expensive shipping methods so the cost will be the highest. However, it will takes less time for the products to be delivered to customers
  • Balanced - This method will try to balance between shipping fee and time to arrive at customer's door

Combine multiple rules at the same time

If merchants have more than 2 warehouses operating at the same time, the extension will also be able to combine methods from different warehouses to come up with multiple methods - most optimal, less optimal, etc.

Easy setup and configuration

  • Integrate with Google Address Autocomplete
  • Automatically suggest address when customers are typing
  • Easily use API key to get pricing information from third party carriers
  • Sign up for a carrier account
  • Get account number, key, password and meter
  • Currently support Fedex

Full list of features for Magento Multiple Warehouses

  • Create multiple warehouses
  • Assign products and inventories to warehouses
  • Set allowed shipping methods for the warehouse based on supported methods by Carriers
  • Integration with Fedex to get methods and pricing for shipping

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Multiple Warehouses
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