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Magento 2 Order Management

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Order Management allows customer have full permission of editing anything in pending or purchased orders.

  • Ability of editing order, item quantity and billing address
  • Set customer and admin permission in editing orders and approve editing requests

Allow customers to edit their order after placement

Allow customers to edit orders after they have place orders

  • Customers can change the quantity of any items that they have placed in their orders
  • Customers can also add new items not existing in the order from avalaible products in Magento 2 store
  • In addition to order items, customers can also edit the billing address of the order after placement
  • View the status of their order edit request in customer dashboard

Manage order editing request

    After customers have edited their orders, these edited orders will show up in Magento 2 back-end so store managers can approve or disapprove them

    • See pending order editing requests in Magento 2 back-end
    • Manage item editing for each request/order. Admins can approve or disapprove changes in item quantity and discount, or even remove any items completely
    • See edit requests in billing address and approve or disapprove these changes

Manage customer and admin permissions

  • Set customer permission: enable/disable item and order edit, enable/disable billing address edit
  • Set admin permission: enable/disable management of item edit requests, set permission to remove items from order

Full list of features for Magento 2 Order Management

  • Allow customers to edit item quantity
  • Allow customers to add orders
  • Allow customers to edit billing address
  • Allow admins to approve items in quantity level
  • Allow admins to remove items from orders
  • Allow admins to approve changes in billing address
  • Set customer and admin permission in editing orders and approve editing requests

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