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Magento 2 Shipping Bar

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With Shipping Bar form Magenest, merchants are able to:

  • Adjust the position of shipping bar
  • Change the content of the shipping bar
  • Pick up suitable shipping type to promote sales and business

Magenest Shipping Bar allows merchant to promote additional purchases.

Merchants Can Choose Suitable Shipping Type

  • Merchants can choose to depend on the total number of products purchased or depend on the total price of the product purchased to provide “free shipping” service.
  • If you choose “depend on the total number of products purchased”, you must set the numbers of products purchased in the Goal Quantity of Products.
  • On the other hand, if you choose “depend on the total price of products purchased”, you must set the Goal price of Products ($).

Allow Merchants to Change the Position Display of Shipping Bar

  • Shipping bar can appear on all pages, or only on the homepage, catalog page, product page or checkout page based on the merchants’ selection.
  • Merchants can make it display up to down, left to right or right to left.
  • Shipping bar can be stuck to the header, footer or can be displayed as a regular block at the top or bottom of the page.
  • The time for shipping bar display with delay after page load is also set up by the merchants (set in seconds)

Set up the Content to Notify Customers about their Shipping Status

  • After each time adding items into the cart, the content of shipping bar will be changed.
  • Customers can know whether they can get “free shipping” or not based on the shipping bar, or they always aware of the opportunities they have.
  • Merchants are able to edit the content of shipping bar when the cart is empty, when cart is not empty, or when the goal is reached.

Fonts and Messages Color Can be Adjusted to Attract Customers’ Attention

  • Merchants can choose what font and the font size that they want.
  • The font color and background color can also be changed.

Automatic Price/Number Calculations to Reach Free Shipping Goal

  • It can automatically calculate the number or the price of the items in the cart.
  • The amount of the rest to reach free shipping goal is also calculated and notified to customers.
  • It helps to display difference between current cart total and the free shipping goal.

Full List of Features of Call to Order extension from Magenest

  • Create shipping bar to boost sales and business
  • Automatically calculates to reach free shipping goal
  • Adjustable shipping type, position, color, content and font
  • Shipping bar look can be changed
  • Notify customer what chance they may have

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