Magento 1 Event Tickets

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Any store owner can create, sell and manage unlimited ticket types on your online store with flexible options. Attract customers in different segments with different ticket classes. A tool supports design tickets.

Sell and manage events successfully with Magento Event Ticket

Create tickets for events with flexible options

  • Turn an existing Magento product into an event product (support for simple products and virtual products) by enabling the product as a event ticket product
  • Set a start and end time for the event
  • Set a reminder date so the system will send customers a reminder when the event approaches
  • Choose a reminder message template to send to your customers
  • Set a location for the event

Set different ticket classes to attract different targer customers and maximize revenues

  • Add unlimited number of ticket classes
  • Create different ticket classes with different name, pricing, SKU, quantity, code prefix, confirmation email. Different target customers will have the freedom to choose a suitable ticket class for themselves
  • Admin can create different events with different types and levels like Child, Adults, VIP, regular, and display them on product pages as custom options
  • Choose different methods of displaying ticket class options to customers: radiobox, drop-down, checkbox, multiple selection
  • Assign different confirmation email templates to each ticket class

Design ticket layout

  • Preview and export tickets to PDF files instantly in back end
  • Set page width and page height for the PDF file
  • Upload a background image for the PDF template
  • Create unlimited elements to print on your ticket (as long as it doens't make your ticket too ugly)
  • Set positions for variable elements on to print on the ticket - QR Code, Event name, ticket class, start time, end time, location, name, barcode, order Id, font/image size etc

Secure the tickets

  • Define a pattern to generate codes for tickets - make it difficult for fake tickets to be made
  • Automatically generate Bar code and QR code automatically so customers can redeem them using code scanning apps
  • Define a pattern to generate codes for tickets
  • Generate Bar code and QR code automatically

Keep track of ticket orders for your events

  • Keep track of sales for each individual events through the summary section and ticket class in Magento back-end. See the initial number of tickets, the number of remaining tickets, the number of purchased tickets and revenues from selling these tickets
  • Track the number of purchased tickets for each event in the event manager section. Track orders by product ID, product name, SKU, start and end time
  • Click on individidual events to see more specific details about the order

Manage tickets easily

  • Merchants can easily see all tickets sold in Magento backend, with specific details for each ticket include which events it belongs to, the ticket class that has been purchased, customer name and email
  • Each ticket will have its redemption status, and merchants can easily change the redemption status on individual tickets or multiple tickets at the same time
  • Click on each tickets to see the related order in detail

Manage event attendees with ease

  • Merchants might manage the attendee list for each event through each ticket product menu in Magento back-end
  • Each attendee info will have a ticket class, customer name, email, order ID, ticket code, their redemption status and payment status
  • Export .csv file of the list of customers after each event or all held events

Send notification emails

  • Send ticket confirmation and reminder emails to event attendees
  • Choose ticket confirmation email template to send to customers
  • Choose event reminder email template to send to customers

Full list of features for Magento Event Ticket

  • The extension will add a new "Event Ticket" product type
  • Create different ticket classes for each event, each with its own price, quantity and sku
  • Merchants can design their own ticket template a and preview it instantly
  • Automatically generate barcodes and QR codes
  • The admin can easily track an event's attendees and purchased tickets amount
  • The admin can manage events and purchased tickets in a grid view
  • The extension can send printable tickets as an email's attachments
  • The customer can manage booked events on My Account page
  • The extension can export events' attendees, events list, tickets list into CSV, XML files

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