Magento 1 Follow up email

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It helps the merchants keep in touch with customers through sending follow up emails. Easy to use and set up the rules for follow up email.

Smart email campaigns to boost your conversion, nurture customer relationships and increase sales

Automatically send follow up emails on customer behaviors

  • Choose from 8 preset events in Magento
  • Auto email when customer abandoned their cart - When customers add products to their cart and fail to check out
  • Follow up email when customer make a purchase - When the order have particular status
  • Auto email when customers register an account
  • Auto email when customers subscribe to newsletter - Notify customers about their subscription
  • Follow up email to remind customer about wishlist - Send this email when customers add products to their wishlist then do nothing about them
  • Send emails when the customer share their wishlist
  • Auto send follow up email on customer birthday - Celebrate them at the right time to keep
  • When customer login /logout

Refine email rules with conditions

  • Add more specific conditions for the email rule to be triggered - order, order status, total order value, SKU
  • Exclude specific product categories from the rule - when customers buy certain products the email rule will not be triggered
  • Set up an email chain to send to customers
  • Apply different email templates to each email in the chain

Manage your email log

  • Manage email that have been triggered to send following rules
  • See email status - sent or not
  • See the event that triggered the email adn the rule that was applied
  • See scheduled sending time of each email, as well as recipient name and email
  • Edit individual email and send them manually

Smart coupon code - Set expiry time for coupon codes, motivate customers to purchase immediately

  • Allow coupons to be used for a specific rule
  • Choose a coupon type from a list of coupons created in the cart price rule section
  • Create a code pattern for the coupon to send to customers
  • Set the expiry time for the coupon to motivate customers to buy soon and prevent coupon hoarding

Easily schedule email campaigns

  • Set the time frame to send emails after each triggering event
  • Set the time frame in hours, minutes and as small as seconds
  • Take control of your campaign and send emails immediately by hand

Create customizable emails with variables

  • Merchants might use variables to automatically insert data to email
  • Choose from 5 email variables to personalize your emails
  • Insert customer name, first name, customer email, total order value, order number

5 free email templates for enhanced personalization

  • Emails templates that can be used for different industries
  • Modern design, displaying your professionalism
  • 100% customizable

Full list of features for Magento Follow Up Email

  • Create unlimited email templates
  • Choose from 8 triggering events for sending messages
  • Send messages to customers through emails
  • Create email campaigns with flexible schedules
  • Personalize emails with variables
  • Free 5 customizable email templates
  • Smart coupon codes
  • Send email to customers on their birthday
  • Manage customers that unsubscribed from your emails
  • Manage email sending history

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