Magento 1 Gift Registry

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Help your customers to get the gifts they want! Perfect for baby gift registry, wedding gift registry, birthday gift registry, bridal gift registry, etc. 

  • Create, manage gift registries at backend and front end easily
  • Share gift registries to friends and family
  • Track orders of presents
  • Send email via mass notification functions to owner of lists

Allow customers to create a gift registry for their event

Allow customers to create and manage gift registries

    With Gift Registry for Magento, merchants can let customers:

  • Create gift registries in their account dashboard
  • Add the registrants' and co-registrants' info to gift registries
  • Set a shipping address for the gift registry so gifts might be shipped directly to registrant's destination
  • Set registries as public or private
  • Add new items to or update existing items in the gift registry
  • Add image, description and priority to an item
  • See the list of items in customers gift registries and the number of purchases for that item
  • See a list of friends that have bought you presents from the gift registry
  • Set the number of gifts that they want to receive for each item
  • Add an event date so your friends can join your event

Share gift registries to friends - Motivate customers to purchase gifts

  • Allow gift registry owners to share their gift registry through social networks to maximize exposure
  • Allow customers to send their gift registries through Facebook, Twitter, Google+
  • Allow gift registry owners to send their gift registries to friends through email - maintain privacy and friendship at the same time
  • View the list of gift buyers associated with the purchased gifts

Allow friends and families to buy products for gift registries

  • Friends and families can navigate to a specific event through the Magento 2 Gift Registry menu on the front end
  • Customers can search for specific gift registries based on gift registry owner's name
  • Customers can type in the details based on event types to search for gift registry's owner
  • Customers can filter the gift list based the priority level fot each gift
  • Allow customers to buy presents for the registry owner
  • Send email to notify owner after someone has bought a present for them

Allow merchants to manage gift registries and orders in Magento back-end

  • Merchants can manage event types in Magento back-end menu - seeing event name, event type, and edit event status
  • Merchants can manage gift registries in their Magento store back-end, seeing owner info, creation date and updating date
  • Manage orders for gift registries, including registrant's info and the related gift registry

Full list of features for Magento Gift Registry

  • Create and manage gift giving events in Magento back-end
  • Create and manage gift registries on front-end and back-end menu
  • Manage privacy for the gift registry
  • Manage items in the gift registry
  • Share gift registries to friends and family
  • Allow friends and family to search for customers' registries
  • Track orders of present bought for the gift registry
  • Send email notification when friends bought you a gift

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