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Multiple Warehouses

By assigning products to different warehouses, each with their own shipping. The multiple warehouses extension automatically choose the nearest warehouse to the shipping address.


Inventory management is a crucial part in electronic commerce. It is very important when you have two or more warehouses. That requires proper inventory management software.

The magento multiple warehouses is the best solution in warehouse management system. It helps your customers choose the nearest warehouse to the shipping address, so their shipping cost is always cheapest and shipping time is fastest.

Key features

Admins can:

  • Administrators can add warehouse , specify it's name, it's postal code, its address

  • magento multiple warehouse

  • Administrators can manage the existing warehouse, edit, delete the warehouse

  • multiple warehouse

  • Each warehouse have location and email contact for each

  • magento different warehouses

  • Specify shipping carriers on a per warehouse basis

  • magento warehouse location

  • Support different shipping carrier logins per warehouse

  • magento multiple warehouse inventory

Customers can:

  • Extension automatically choose the nearest warehouse among the multiple warehouse. So the customers have minimum shipping price.

  • warehouse management

  • If the order is shipped from multiple warehouse then the extension automatically split the order into sub-order correspondent to the warehouse.

  • warehouse management software

  • An automatically email is sent emails to each warehouse when orders are created

  • magento warehouse management


  • Free customer support.
  • Free extension updates.
  • All our extensions come open source.
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