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Salesforce CRM Integration

Magento Salesforce CRM Integration is the extension allows instantly synchronizing data from Magento site to Salesforce CRM system. 




Building a holistic CRM and retailing system with Magento Salesforce Connector

Synchronize client data from Magento to Salesforce

  • Synchronize client profiles from Magento to Salesforce, with support for Salesforce Lead and Salesforce Contact objects
  • Synchronize client info to Salesforce any time customer signs up a new account on Magento
  • When clients update their info in Magento, changes will also be shown in Salesforce CRM

Synchronize product data from Magento to Salesforce CRM

  • Synchronize info of products, such as name, price, cost, inventory and other info from Magento to Salesforce CRM
  • You can synchronize product data whenever store managers create a new product in Magento
  • Changes made to products in Magento will be updated in Salesforce

Synchronize order info in Magento to Salesforce

  • Automatically synchronize new orders from Magento to Salesforce when clients make new purchases
  • Update changes to product orders when order info is changed
  • Sync from orders in Magento to different object in Salesforce, including lead, subscriber, opportunity, contact, account

Sync invoice data from Magento to Salesforce CRM

  • Sync invoice data in Magento to Salesforce Invoice when customers payment is processed successfully
  • Invoice info includes default fields such as Product Detail

Easily connect Magento to Salesforce

  • Resiger an account for Salesforce CRM
  • Get Salesforce credentials to use for integration
  • Insert these credentials to Magento Salesforce Connector
  • Connect and enjoy the extension

Automatic synchronisation for ease of mind

Interval syncing - Auto sync between specific intervals

  • Set up Magento Salesforce Connector to sync between different intervals
  • Add data to sync queues for later processing
  • Set up intervals as small as 5 minutes
  • Reduce server load and capacity requirement for your company
  • Merchants should choose this method when there are frequent orders during the day

Synchronize manually

  • Merchants that want to stay in control of the syncing process can synchronize manually
  • Synchronize all data to Salesforce with one click in the setting section
  • Synchronize all data currently sitting in queue to Salesforce manually
  • Go to individual products, clients, orders, invoices to sync each one manually to Salesforce

Easy field mapping from Magento to Salesforce

  • Map data fields from Magento with intuitive, uesr-friendly
  • One-to-many-field syncing: data in one Magento field can be synced simultaneously to different fields in Salesforce

Numerous modules and fields ready for syncing

  • Pick from 100+ fields in Magento to synchronize from
  • Pick from 7 Salesforce modules
  • Pick from 100+ fields in Salesforce to synchronize to

View syncing reports

  • Easily verify which data records were synced successfully and which failed to be synced
  • Keep track of syncing performance on a daily basis with syncing report tool
  • See successful and failed syncing tasks

Full list of features for Magento Salesforce Connector

  • Synchronize from well over a hundred fields in Magento
  • Synchronize to over a hundred fields in Salesforce CRM
  • Connect Magento to Salesforce easily
  • Easily map data fields
  • Different options to synchronize: live, interval, manual
  • Synchronize product data
  • Sync client info
  • Synchronize order info
  • Sync price rule data
  • Use syncing report to keep track of syncing performances
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Salesforce CRM Integration
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