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Magento 1 Vtiger CRM Integration

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The integration between Magento® and VTiger CRM comes with various features, controls and flexibility.

  • Auto-sync data from Magento to Vtiger
  • Easily connect Magento to Vtiger
  • Sync data in both modes: cron job and and auto
  • Report synced data in tables

NOTE: Your current data in Vtiger CRM might need to be remapped before syncing with our integration to avoid conflicts. Please contact us if you want to map existing data in Magento and Vtiger CRM.

Building a holistic CRM and retailing system with Magento Vtiger Connector

Sync customer data from Magento to Vtiger

  • Sync customer info from Magento to numerous Vtiger objects, including Vtiger Lead and ContactSync client profiles from Magento to Vtiger, with support for Vtiger Lead and Vtiger Contact objects
  • Sync data from Magento client profile when clients create a new account
  • When customers make changes to their profile in Magento, these changes will be synced to and reflected on Vtiger CRM.
  • Synchronize to default info fields in Contact and Lead objects in Vtiger such as website, address, contact details (phone number, mobile number, email address, fax, etc)

Synchronize product data in Magento to Vtiger CRM

  • Synchronize info of products, such as name, price, cost, inventory and other info from Magento to Vtiger ER
  • New products that are created in Magento will be synced to Vtiger CRM
  • Updates in Magento product info will be synced to Vtiger

Synchronize order info in Magento to Vtiger

  • When there are new orders placed in Magento, order info is automatically sync to Vtiger
  • Update changes to product orders when order info is changed
  • Sync from orders in Magento to different object in Vtiger, including lead, subscriber, opportunity, contact, account

Sync invoice data from Magento to Vtiger CRM

  • Sync invoice data in Magento to Vtiger Invoice when customers payment is processed successfully
  • Invoice info includes default fields such as Customer, Address, Invoice Data, Salesperson, Product Detail, Total Invoice Amount

Easily connect Magento to Vtiger

  • Register an account for Vtiger CRM
  • Get Vtiger credentials to use for integration
  • Insert these credentials to Magento Vtiger Connector
  • Connect and enjoy the extension

Automatic synchronisation for ease of mind

  • Sync in real time for each update and change in product, customer, order
  • Suitable for agile businesses that need fast decision making

Cron job - semi-automatic synchronization

  • Set up Magento Vtiger to sync between different intervals
  • Data that needs to be synced will be added to queue
  • Configure syncing interval at a minimum of 5 minutes
  • Keep server at an appropriate load level to ensure normal
  • Can be used when there are a lot of orders in your store in a short amount of time

Manual sync

  • Merchants that want to stay in control of the syncing process can sync manually
  • Sync all data to Vtiger with one click in the setting section
  • Sync all data currently sitting in queue to Vtiger manually
  • Go to individual products, customers, orders, invoices to sync each one manually to Vtiger

User-friendly field mapping

  • Map data fields from Magento with drop down menu
  • Merchants can synchronize 1 field in Magento to multiple fields in Vtiger at the same time

A variety of modules and fields ready for syncing

  • Synchronize from more than a hundred fields in Magento
  • Synchronize to 7 Vtiger modules
  • Synchronize to over a hundred fields in Vtiger

View syncing reports

  • Easy to spot out failures and successes in synchronize history section
  • Keep track of progress on a daily basis with day by day syncing reports
  • See which syncing task failed and which syncing task succeeded

Full list of features for Magento Vtiger Connector

  • Select from over a hundred fields in Magento to synchronize to Vtiger
  • Select from over a hundred fields in Vtiger to synchronize
  • Set up the connection between Magento and Vtiger easily
  • Easily map data fields
  • Different ways to synchronize: live, interval, manual
  • Synchronize product info
  • Sync client data
  • Synchronize order info
  • Synchronize price rule data
  • Simplify performance tracking with syncing reports

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