Woocommerce Advanced Reports

woocommerce advanced reports is the plugin gives a quick overview of your business to helps you know more about your sale and gather new ideas from the data reports. ID demo is manager and Pass demo is demo123


magenest woocommerce advanced report


Woocommerce advanced reports is an indispensable pluginfor your bussiness. With woocommerce advanced reports plugin, you can see all information of sale on one dashboard by different report tab: sale by customer roles, sale by attribute, sale by item datail. Just move to different tabs and you can see what you need.

Key features

With Woocommerce advanced reports, you can see report type:

  • Sales item detail

woocommerce advanced reports

  • Sales by customer roles

woocommerce advanced reports

  • Sales by Attribute

woocommerce advanced reports plugin

  • Cart report

report sale


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Woocommerce Advanced Reports
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