Woocommerce Advanced Reports

Woocommerce advanced reports is the plugin gives a quick overview of your business to helps you know more about your sale and gather new ideas from the data reports.

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Easily see what's going on with your store using Woocommerce Reports

Show various reports about your store sales, products and customers

  • Order report - See order statistics and have a look at the store general revenue trend
  • Customer report - View sales by customers vs guests, as well as the full customer list, their info and contribution to revenue
  • Product stock report - See how well you are managing your product inventory, which products are overstocked and which are understocked. Stock can also be an indicator of sales for a product
  • Sales item detail - See sales of each product in your Woocommerce store, which are selling and which are not to make strategic product and promotion
  • Sales by role - See which customer group bought the most from your store to establish relationship with them
  • Sales by Brand - See which brands are selling best so you can focus on stocking more products from that brand
  • Abandoned cart - See how much you lost from abandoned cart so you can work to improve the conversion rate on your Woocommerce site

See more granular and specific reports at each category

  • Orders - Sales by date, sales by product, sales by category, coupons by date
  • Customer - Customers vs guests, customer list
  • Stock - low in stock, out of stock, most stocked

See specific reports with time scale and filter

Add additional filters by time range - see statistic by year, least month, this month, last 7 days, and custom time range

  • Filter sales item by order, order data, product name, product SKU, customer email, ordered quantity, sub-total
  • Export report to CSV files for offline viewing
  • Full list of features for Woocommerce Reports

    • Automatically generate reports for your Woocommerce store
    • See reports on product sales, customer revenues, brand revenues, abandoned cart lost sales
    • See specific reports and use filters for more granular data
    • Export reports to CSV files for offline viewing

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