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Woocommerce advanced reviews plugin by Magenest allows customize woocommerce product review for your site

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Showcase your product clearly with Woocommerce Product Reviews Plugin

As you know, product review is the most powerful selling tool. Through reviews of a product, customers can decide what product they want to buy or not. 70% of customers look at review of product before purchasing and over 63% of customers are more likely to purchase if a product have good reviews and high rating. Therefore, the customization of review is very important to merchants because this is the best way to attract customer to buy their products. Woocommerce advanced reviews by Magenestis the plugin that you need to custom your woocommerce product review. It offers something more than the traditional displaying of woocommerce product review and rating. It allows your customers to report another reviews. Furthermore, a summary is generated for each product with an indication of how many reviews have been written for each different rating.

Allow users to interact more with product and reviews

  • Customers can rate products based on a scale of 5-star
  • Customers can see the number of reviews each product has
  • Customers can see the average rating for each product
  • For each customer review that leaves a comment, other users can rate the comment as either Useful or Not Useful
  • Users can reply to other's comments to discuss and gain more insights about each product

Manage bad comments and view lists of reported comments

  • For spammy and inappropriate comments, users can report them and categorize the comments into certain groups set by admin
  • Admin can create different categories of reasons for reporting comments
  • After a report has been reported, admins can go to Woocommerce's backend to view which comments have been reported and which category they belong to
  • Admin can easily delete spammy comments from back-end

Full list of features for Woocommerce Product Reviews Plugin

  • Allow customers to rate a products and give comment reviews
  • Display the total number of reviews for each product in Woocommerce
  • Display average rating for each product
  • Allow customers to rate product comments
  • Allow customers to reply to product comments
  • Allow customers to report spammy comments and categorize them to different groups
  • Admins can view a report of bad comments and delete them from Woocommerce back-end

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