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A great easy-to-use and easy-to-manage booking tool for service providers who think about their customers

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Never miss an appointment again - Keep services on time and employees on track with Woocommerce Appointments Bookings

The Woocommerce Appointments Bookings plugin creates the ability for WooCommerce shops to sell products that require timed appointments or dates, such as tickets, concerts, appointments, rentals, and more. Without a plugin like this, scheduling with WooCommerce isn’t possible.

Create and manage appointment products

  • Create appointment products from scratch
  • Turn any existing products in Woocommerce into an appointment booking product

Manage employees and working schedules

  • Add a new employee and their related information to your store staff list
  • Add contact details such as email and phone
  • Upload a profile image of your staff to gains more confidence from customers
  • Set a default working schedule for the staff - Specify the work days and work hours of each staff within their work day. A work day can be splitted into shifts so staff can have a rest
  • Set the schedule on a specific day of the week
  • Set a starting and ending time for the shift
  • Set an abnormal working schedule for the staff - here admins can set off work days for staff based on unexpected circumstances
  • Quickly remove an employee from work or add them back to work
  • Assign the schedule to a specific product
  • Assign tasks to employees

    • For each product or service, merchants can assign any employees to provide it
    • Merchants can allocate time slots to offer the product. Time slots allocated for each product can be set for any day. Merchants will set a starting and ending time to provide the service, as well as the number of slots available

    Recurring pricing rule

    On any day of the week, merchants can set price discount for the service to increase demand

    • Choose any weekdays to apply the special discount
    • Choose how the special price will be calculated: add or subtract a fixed amount, add or subtract a percentage of the original price
    • The price of the product will be reduced for this particular day every week

    Manage appointment booking orders

    • Merchants can keep track of booking orders in Woocommerce back-end
    • Merchatns can view event name, customer name and contact, appointment starting and ending time, responsible staff, order number and status
    • Merchants can change the status of the booking orders, as well as reassigning the task to other staff
    • For a more intuitive view, merchants might track booking orders through calendar view, with different time scale supported (month, week, day)

    Full list of features for Woocommerce Appointments Bookings

    • Create appointment booking services
    • Add employees to the store
    • Set a working schedule for employees
    • Quickly offer days off to employees
    • Assign services to staff
    • Set different pricing levels based on different days of the week
    • Manage booking orders through table view and calendar view

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