Woocommerce Auto Related Products

Allows you forget about outdated way of adding related products manually. With this plugin, your related products will show to customers automatically so you can speed up your sale.

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Boost sales for related products in your store with Woocommerce Related Products Plugin

Woocommerce automatic related products plugin is one of the greatest up sell tools in Woocommerce. However, the bad thing is that you have to add related products for each product manually. It's a waste of time for you, especially you must add them for many products. Therefore, Woocommerce automatic related products is best solution for this case. It enables you to define the rules for automatic related products and offers people alternatives to the current product. So, enrich your store with our automatic related products plugin now!

Create auto related product recommendation rules in Woocommerce

  • Set which products to trigger display of related products based on product attributes and product categories
  • Support multiple attributes and multiple categories

Set which related products to be suggested in product pages

  • Set the number of related products to show up on each product pages
  • Set the criteria for a related products to show up, including product attributes and product categories (support multiple attributes and categories)
  • Using price comparison tool as an additional filter - compare prices of related products with a threshold or with the current product
  • Set the inventory status of the related products for them to display on the product page
  • Compare total sales quantity (stock quantity)of the related products with a threshold or with the current products to display them in the product page
  • Various comparison methods - bigger than, smaller than, equal to, bigger or equal to, smaller than or equal to, etc
  • Filter for featured products

Full list of features for Woocommerce 2 Related Products Plugin

  • Set which products to allow display of related products
  • Set which related products to show up on product pages
  • Related products filter using product attributes, categories
  • Built-in pricing and quantity comparison tool with various comparison methods

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Woocommerce Auto Related Products
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