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Woocommerce follow up emails is an indispensable tool to help you stay in close touch with your customers.You can use this module send abandoned cart reminder, birthday coupon, purchase reminder or send coupons for customer

magenest woocommerce follow up email

Smart email campaigns to boost your conversion, nurture customer relationships and increase sales

Automatically send follow up emails on customer behaviors

  • Choose from 3 pre-set behaviors
  • Auto email when customer abandoned their cart - When customers add products to their cart and fail to check out
  • Auto email when customers have registered an account for a certain number of days but have not purchased any product
  • Follow up email when customer place an order - Send welcoming messages to ensure them that they have successfully ordered. Set a specific order status to trigger the follow-up email: completed, processing, on hold, pending, failed, refunded, cancelled
  • Enable cross-selling in your email to suggest related products - Use this after customers have bought your products to induce them to buy more

Create an email campaign to lead customers through your funnel

  • Create a chain of emails to send to customers after the email rule has been triggered
  • Create unlimited number of emails for the campaign
  • Set a specific time to send the email, exact to the minute
  • Design and apply template directly to each email in the email chain
  • Send email Blind Carbon Copies to other staff

Automatically send emails on specific events

  • Choose from 3 predefined events
  • Auto send follow up email on customer birthday - Celebrate them at the right time to keep
  • Send email to customers X days before a promotion campaign expires
  • Automatically send emails to customers on a specific day

Coupon management tool

  • Set emails to send coupons to customers
  • Set coupon name and coupon pattern that suit your email and marketing campaign
  • Set a fixed expiry date for coupon or set an expiry date following x days after the coupon email is sent
  • Set the discount calculation method: percentage discount, fixed cart discount, fixed product discount
  • Set the discount amount
  • Choose to apply the coupon before or after calculating tax
  • Prevent multiple coupons from being used
  • Set coupon to allow free shipping

Additional email filter - Make emails even smarter

  • Set email to triggers for specific product skus only
  • Set email to be automatically sent for certain product categories
  • Set order value threshold for emails to be activated
  • Apply the email rule when a specific shipping method is used
  • Trigger the email rule when a certain payment method is used

Easily schedule email campaigns

  • Set the time frame to send emails after each triggering event
  • Set the time frame in hours, minutes and as small as seconds
  • Take control of your campaign and send emails immediately by hand

Full list of features for Woocommerce Follow Up Email

  • Send emails based on customer behavior and event
  • Choose from 6 triggering rules for sending messages
  • Create email campaigns with flexible schedules
  • Create unlimited email templates
  • Additional rule filters
  • Easily schedule email campaigns
  • Coupon management widget

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