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Motivate customers buy your products or services through a new form of marketing, gift cad. You can create, design and manage gift card with full set of toolkits

magenest woocommerce gift card pro

Motivate customers to purchase on your Woocommerce store with Woocommerce Gift Certificates Pro

There are various ways to attract clients to an e-commerce site. One of the best ways is to sell gift cards for visitors to purchase and give to their family, friends and colleagues. Gift cards are great because it is a good promotion for your website. This is reason why the Woocommerce gift card pro plugin is released.If you have a WordPress site, let's choose Woocoomerce gift card pro plugin developed by Magenest! This woocommerce plugin is an indispensable tool to help you increase sales.

Create a design for gift card products

  • Design the PDF gift card using a coordinate system
  • Merchants might determine the content and coordinate of the following fields for the PDF gift card: send from, send to, gift card balance, expiry date, message, barcode
  • Merchants might use variables to insert value into the PDF gift card dynamically
  • Specify whether to attach the PDF gift card to the notification email when sending it to recipients
  • Configure the dimensions of the PDF file
  • Upload a background image for the PDF file
  • Set the position for dynamic fields including gift card code, starting date, ending date. expiry time, gift card balance and custom field

Create and sell gift vouchers

  • Create a new product in Woocommerce with a product type called "Gift Card"
  • Create and send a gift card immediately from back=end using Woocommerce admin account
  • With Gift Cards for Woocommerce you can choose from 3 pricing schemes to set value for the gift card that customers will buy
  • Set a fixed price for the gift card so customers can only buy the existing gift card
  • Create a set of fixed price so customers can have more leeway when choosing from a fixed list
  • Create a price range so customers can choose any price within that range, giving them even more freedom
  • Set the expiry date for the gift card

Allow customers to send personal gift cards to their beloved

  • Customers can choose to send the gift card to their beloved
  • Add more personal information to the email with recipient name and email address
  • Add a personal message to send to their beloved
  • Choose a specific time and date to send the gift cards to their beloved. This ensure the gift card and message is sent to the recipient on their special occasion, making them even more meaningful
  • Set additional fields for customers to send gift cards to their beloved - recipients's email, address, customer message
  • Set an email template (email subject and email content) to send to recipients along with the gift card. Email content can be written with HTML

Manage gift card codes and transaction

  • Create a code pattern to automatically generate gift card codes for customers when they buy gift card products
  • Manage all coupons and their usage status within Woocommerce back-end
  • Track coupon code, expiry date and gift card balance to see how much anyone have used from their gift card
  • Enable and disable any gift card from back-end
  • Configure how gift cards can be used to pay for products and services in Woomcommcerce - pay for shipping fee, tax, and other fee and even other gift cards
  • Set an order status for gift cards to be activated and to send notification email to customers - choose from 4 statuses including pending, on hold, processing, completed
  • Set a default gift card lifespan
  • Set a notification email to send to customer when they buy gift cards for themselves. Admins might choose an email tempate, a company logo, image banner, email subject, email content and email footer

Full list of features for Woocommerce Gift Certificates Pro

  • Design gift card using coordinate system
  • Create and sell gift cards
  • Set gift card lifespan - after which the gift card cannot be used
  • Send email containing gift cards to recipients
  • Automatically generate gift card codes
  • Track gift card status, balance and recipient info

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