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Woocommerce Gift Registry

With Woocommerce Gift Registry from Magenest, merchants have the ability to:

  • Promote your online e-commerce store
  • Increase customers and sales
  • Encourage customers to purchase more by giving them a free gift
  • Provide options for customers to create gift registry for wedding, birthday, and party

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An effecient way to increase sales and boost business.

Customers Can Share Their Gift Registry to Their Friends

  • Customers have ability to share their gift registry through some social networks like Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus.
  • Their friends can enter the links and buy items for them.
  • They can also use their email address to invite friends to view gift registry and buy some items.
  • When their friends buy items for them, they will receive a notification email about this gift.

Customer Can Easily Manage Gift Registry in “My Account” Page

  • Customers can create gift registries in their account dashboard if they want to get gifts on their events.
  • Customers can see a list of friends who have bought them gifts from gift registry.
  • See the list of items in customers’ gift registries and number of purchases for that item.
  • New items can be added to the gift registry’s list.
  • Existing items can be updated in the gift registry.
  • Image, description and priority can be added to each item.
  • Customers can add event date to let their friends join.
  • Customers can set the number of gifts that they want to receive, and set the privacy for the gift registry.
  • Customer can add unlimited product on store to his gift registry.
  • Automatically fill shipping address with registrant' shipping address.

Merchants are allowed controlling gift registries in Woo-commerce back-end.

  • After a gift giver buys products in gift registry, merchants will receive a notification email.
  • Through admin panel, merchants can edit or delete registry.

Full List of Features of Woocommerce Gift Registry from Magenest

  • Customers can create /edit gift registry by entering registrant first name, last name...
  • Woocommerce gift registry module add link "Add to gift registry" below add to cart button.
  • Customers can add unlimited product on the store to their gift registry.
  • Customers can share his gift registry via Facebook, Twitter, Google plus, Gmail.
  • Customers can use email form to invite friends to view gift registry and buy item.
  • Customers can manage/edit gift registry in my account page with ease.
  • Customers can choose public or private in their gift registry. If they choose private, they can set a password for their gift registry.
  • Customers can set priority for items in their gift registry.
  • The gift buyer can send a message to the owner.
  • Customer can search gift registry.
  • Ability to automatically fill shipping address with registrant' shipping address.

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