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The woocommerce plugin you can customize labels easily and quickly for your products in both product and catalog.

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Make your products stand out to your customers with Woocommerce Advanced Product Labels

Woocommerce product label plugin by Magenest allows you to make visually-appealing labels to product images and display in both product and catalog views. Merchants can increase sales with label such as “Free shipping” or “new arrival”. These label will appear on product page and on category page. Each product may has many labels. This woocommerce plugin is fully responcive and optimized for moblie devices, so you can sell items for via any mobile devices.

Create label for special products

  • Create label for best selling products on Woocommerce - Labels will appear on products that sell the most last month.
  • Attach labels to new products on Woocommerce - Labels will show up on products that have been recently created
  • Attach labels to favorite products on Woocommerce - Labels will appear on product images on product pages
  • Set the number of products to attach the special labels to. For example, you can create a top of 5 best sellers for the last month
  • Set a starting date and ending data for the special product label
  • Set priority for each special label

Attach custom labels to any products and categories

  • Create a name for the product label
  • Set a description for the label so admins might know exactly what to use it for
  • Set the position to display the label on products - merchants might choose from night combined positions - top, middle, bottom, right left, center
  • Labels can be created from text combined with custom css styling
  • Merchants can also upload images to use as labels, specifying the height and width for labels
  • Set different label images for product pages and category pages
  • Merchants can activate labels on specific product categories
  • Merchants can set attach specific labels to individual products for more granular control
  • Set a starting date and ending date for the product label to display on products
  • Create as many labels as you want
  • Set a priority for the label in cases there are multiple labels overlapping one another

Full list of features for Woocommerce Advanced Product Labels

  • Create special product labels for new, favorite and best-selling products
  • Create unlimited custom product labels rule
  • Assign custom product labels to any product
  • Add html text with css to use as label
  • Add images to represent labels for the product
  • Display the product label on different positions over the product image
  • Set a time frame for the product label to display

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