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A perfect solution for your automatic promotion campaigns. It allows to setup multiple automatic promotion campaigns in your webstore

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Automatically run promotional campaigns based on customer buying behavior with Woocommerce Promotion

Create promotion rules based on catalog products

  • Create filter for promotion rule based on product attribute. For example, merchants can create filter based on product colors such as black, blue red, etc
  • Create filter for promotion rule based on product categories
  • Filter specific products using SKUs or product IDs
  • Use price comparison tool to trigger the rule once price exceeds or goes below a certain threshold
  • Trigger the rule when the product is in stock or out of stock. This feature is a perfect match with pre-order functions when a store runs out of inventory
  • Trigger the promotion rule once total ordre value has reached a certain threshold - useful for motivating customers to shop more to reach the discount target
  • Set a time range for the rule to remain effective - merchants will not have to worry about turning rules on and off manually, as everything is automated when the time comes
  • Set the price discount as a fixed amount or as a percentage
  • Set priority for the rule when multiple rules are triggered

Automatically run cart promotion rules

  • Trigger auto promotion rules by comparing cart total order value with a threshold
  • The cart total order value can be smaller, bigger than, equal to the threshold or anywhere in between for the rule to be activated
  • Set a starting and ending date for the rule so the promotional campaign can run on autopilot without any human intervention
  • Filter for featured products
  • Set a priority for the rule in case multiple rules are triggered

Full list of features for Woocommerce Promotion plugin

  • Create and run auto promotion rule based on cart order value
  • Create and run auto promotion campaigns based on catalog products
  • Set starting and ending date for campaigns
  • Built-in price comparison tool
  • Various filter layers based on product attributes, categories, SKUs, IDs

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