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Woocommerce Responsive Product Category Vertical Mega Menu

Woocommerce responsive product category vertical mega menu plugin by Magenest allows you customize your category product in the prettiest way with vertical menu and mega menu concepts.


Woocommerce Responsive Product Category Vertical Mega Menu is the solution to create the best sitemap display

An plugin that integrates both woocommerce vertical menu and woocommerce mega menu

  • Creating vertical Magento navigation menu for your site.
  • Easily creating different kinds of menu items.
  • Adding new type menu.
  • Showing all 3 levels of category in menu.
  • Quickly creating a menu bar in which its items belong to the category section of the website.
  • Easily adding, deleting and editing menu items.
  • Enabling to show Mega Menu in different places.

An plugin that allows admins to customize and tailor the menu

  • Activating widgets that enable archives, categories, calendar, etc. on the menu bar.
  • Making the products/ categories featured in menu content
  • Being able to arrange the position of Menu items.
  • Customizing the appearance of menu: width, menu color, icon, etc.
  • Being possible to configure the style of menu content: size, position for content, and number of columns.
  • Being able to choose the arrangement of category items shown in the category menu type.

An plugin that optimizes the menu with cellphones.

Being flexible to configure the menu style & content to be shown in mobile, like what you did for menu in PC

An plugin is developed along with Magenest’s support

  • Free customer support.
  • Free extension updates.
  • All of Magenest’s extension are open source.

The list of features of Mega Menu plugin for Woocommerce

  • Create vertical mega menu.
  • Customize the menu’s contents and appearances.
  • Optimizing the menu display on mobile devices.

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Woocommerce Responsive Product Category Vertical Mega Menu
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