Woocommerce Sage Pay UK

SagePay Payment Integration is the best payment gateway for your WooCommerce store

  • Data security standard - PCI DSS Compliance
  • Accept payment on customers' own form
  • Support direct refund with SagePay
  • Save credit cards using tokenization
  • Multiple currencies and card brands supported



Secure your payment and store reputation with Woocommerce SagePay Payment Gateway Extension

Easy set up and configuration - No need for webmaster

  • The SagePay Payment Gateway can be integrated only in 3 steps
  • Fill in SagePay Credentials: Vendor Name, Integration Key, Integration Password
  • Save configuration then Check API
  • Configuration done

Tokenization - Save credit cards without worry

SagePay allows customers to save their credit cards using Tokenization for more secured and convenient

  • Logged in customers can save their credit card info to use for future purchases
  • Saved credit cards can be managed in My saved card in My account
  • Customers can save many credit cards to choose the desired one when they checkout
  • Tokenization helps preventing customer's credit card info from being stolen
  • Avoid customer service crisis with SagePay Direct Refund

    Customers asking for refund are always in frustrating mood, either because of the product issue, or the support effort has failed. They simply just want their money back in the quickest way. In order to calm customers down and maintain a good relationship in the last minute, SagePay allows merchants to make refund with Direct Refund

    • From Magento admin panel, merchants can make refund directly
    • Merchants can make partial refund, full refund (but there is only one invoice)

    Support many currencies and card brands

  • According to certain merchant account, SagePay supports USD, GBP, Euro, and more
  • Magenest SagePay payment gateway for Woocommerce supports various payment card brands, composed of MasterCard, JCB, Visa, American Express
  • Compliance with card data security standard (PCI-DSS)

    • SagePay PCI-DSS is the information security standard that handle credit cards from the major card schemes
    • Magenest SagePay payment gate way for Woocommerce is PCI-DSS compliance using the SAQ-A-EP self assessment questionnaire
    • Both merchants and customers can benefit from PCI-DSS Compliance and assure that their credit card info is stored and processed securely

    Full list of features for Sage Pay Integration for Woocommerce

    • Make payment with SagePay UK
    • PCI DSS compliant using the SAQ-A-EP self assessment questionnaire
    • Direct Payment
    • Direct Refund
    • Saved card info for future payment
    • Tokenization
    • Support USD, Euro, and GBP
    • Support different payment card brands, including Visa, MasterCard, American Express
    • Support different card brands
    • Accept payments on customer own form

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