Woocommerce Woocommerce Salesforce CRM Integration

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The best plugin allows instantly synchronizing data from WordPress site to Salesforce CRM system

magenest woocommerce salesforce integration

Synchronize customer info from Woocommerce to Salesforce

  • Sync client profiles from Woocommerce to Salesforce, with support for Salesforce Lead
  • When customer sign up a new account in Woocommerce, client profile will be synced to Salesforce
  • Sync to default info fields in Contact and Lead objects in Salesforce such as website, address, contact details (phone number, mobile number, email address, fax, etc)

Synchronize Products data in Woocommerce to Salesforce

  • Sync stock quantity, cost, product name, price and other product details from Woocommerce
  • New products that are created in Woocommerce will be synced to Salesforce

Sync order info from Woocommerce to Salesforce

  • When customers place new orders in Woocommerce, sync the info of these orders to Salesforce
  • Info from orders in Woocommerce is synced to Order object in Salesforce
  • Product, account and contact info will be synced from Woocommerce to Salesforce

Set up the connection between Woocommerce and Salesforce easily

  • Register for an Salesforce CRM account
  • Get Salesforce credentials to use for integration
  • Put the Salesforce credentials into Salesforce Integration setting fields
  • Click Connect to get the extension ready for syncing

Automatic field mapping

  • Data fields are automatically mapped from Woocommerce to Salesforce
  • No need for customers to map fields manually
  • No need for complicated knowledge to match fields between two applications

Automatic synchronisation for ease of mind

  • Once a certain action performed is or event is triggered, data from Woocommerce will be automatically added to syncing queue or synced to Salesforce
  • Automatic synchronization is suitable for firms with data created consistently during the day, not too fast

Synchronize manually

  • Merchants can synchronize data manually for proactive management
  • Synchronize all data to Salesforce with one click in the setting section
  • Synchronize all data currently sitting in queue to Salesforce manually
  • Go to individual records to synchronize data individually (sync one client, product, order)

View data syncing report from Woocomerce to Salesforce

  • Keep track of progress every day with day by day syncing reports
  • Accompanied by Salesforce ID for quick reference
  • One click to see the synced data in Salesforce

Full list of features for Woocommerce Salesforce Connector

  • Set up the connection between Magento and Salesforce easily
  • Automatically field mapping
  • Synchronize in different methods: automatic and manual
  • Sync product info from Woocommerce to Salesforce
  • Synchronize client data
  • Sync order data
  • Synchronize price rule info
  • Simplify management with syncing reports

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