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Let customers book and print out tickets for events. Add unlimited attendees. Convenient tickets redeeming system. QR code and Bar code support! ID demo: manager Pass demo: demo123

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Sell and manage events successfully with Woocommerce Tickets

Create tickets for events with flexible options

  • Turn an existing Woocommerce product into an event product (support for simple products and virtual products) by enabling the product as a event ticket product
  • Create different ticket classes to address different target customers such as VIP, Regular, Business, Economy, etc. Each ticket class will have its own price
  • Set a starting and ending time for the event
  • Set a reminder date so the system will send customers a reminder X days before the event OR after customers have bought the ticket to send emails
  • Choose a reminder message template to send to your customers
  • Set a location for the event
  • Set coordinates for the event location so it will show up on Google Map
  • Support simple products and variable products
  • Automatically generate ticket codes (bar codes or QR codes) based on the code pattern that admin set in Woocommerce

Design PDF ticket layout

  • Admins can use the coordinate system to organize data fields for PDF ticket files
  • Set page height and page width
  • Set font size, font color, barcode factor, QR code size, for the PDF ticket file and their corresponding coordinates in the PDF file
  • Add a background image for the ticket
  • Edit the notification email template to send to customers when they buy ticket, including email subject and content

Add more ticket options for customers

  • Edit which fields merchants want to display in Woocommerce - field for note, field for adult booking price, field for , field for extra bed,field for deposit
  • Adult pricing field - Merchants might set different pricing schemes based on the number of adults booking the room
  • Child pricing field - Merchants might set different pricing schemes based on the number of children booking the room
  • Merchants can set a totally different price level for each additional child or adult
  • Set an estimated arrival time
  • Enable extra bed - Customers will have the choice to add an extra bed to the room. Merchants will be able to set a fee for adding an extra bed to the order

Keep track of ticket orders for your events

  • Merchants can see all purchased tickets from Woocommerce back-end
  • Merchants can see event name, customer name and contact, attendee name and contact, order number, ticketcode, redemption status
  • Merchants can easily filter purchsed tickets by these above criteria
  • Merchants can download PDF version of these tickets and change ticket status
  • Merchants can keep track of all reminder email through the mail log

Make it easy for customers to buy tickets

  • Customers can choose to receive a digital tickets through email or physical tickets
  • Customers can easily see their bought tickets in their account dashboard and redownload them

Full list of features for Woocommerce Tickets

  • Create Event Ticket products in Woocommerce with various options
  • Merchants can create different ticket classes for an event, each with its own price
  • Barcodes and QR codes are automatically generated for tickets
  • Merchants can design a PDF ticket file with layout based on coordinate system and dynamic field variables
  • Set up notification email templates to send notification to customers
  • Set up reminder email templates and schedule to remind customers about events
  • Manage purchased tickets through back-end, download PDF files and change ticket redemption status
  • The customer can manage booked events on My Account page and download their PDF ticket file

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