With better performance and scalability, Magento 2 guarantees a successful development for online businesses. Since all support for Magento 1 will be ended on June 30th, 2020, merchants are finding new methods to safely migrate data to Magento 2. Today, let’s find out some of the most popular Magento 2 migration tools.

Migrate manually with Magento tool

Magento 2 migration: Magento tool

To support the migration process of merchants, the Magento Team has developed a free Data migration tool. It is a command-line interface (CLI) used for transferring data from Magento 1 to Magento 2. The original tool from Magento guarantees a frictionless database structure migration, including tables and fields. Other useful supports of the tool are:

  • Track data transfer progress
  • Create logs
  • Runs data verification

Before starting your migration process with Magento tool, there’re some requirements  you have to follow: 

  • Make no changes in Magento 1 Admin (except for order management)
  • Not try to change any code
  • Modify the Magento 2 Admin and default storefront.

After downloading, you can start running the tool to migrate

  • Settings: Migrate configuration setting
  • Data: Migrate main data in the database
  • Changes: Transfers incremental data updates added to Magento 1 storefront and Admin Panel

You can read the full steps at Magento dev doc

Migrate with Magento 2 Migration Tool by Magenest

Magento 2 migration: Magenest tool

However, store owners are hesitating to use Magento Migration Tool since it’s quite complicated for unprofessional developers. To simplify the process, many providers have developed more convenient tools to shorten the road of migration. 

As one of the most outstanding Magento 2 Solution Partner in the APAC region, Magenest is confident to deliver the best Magento 2 Migration Tool for merchants. And it’s totally FREE - there’s no hidden cost!

With the extension, you can migrate:

  • Settings
  • Data: Products, Categories, Customers, Orders, etc.
  • Changes
  • Media
  • Storefront design
  • Admin user accounts
  • Access Control Lists (ACLs)

Migrate with Migration Tool by LitExtension

Magento 2 migration: Litextension

LitExtension is Magenest’s partner in supporting Magento businesses migrate to a more suitable platform. With utmost security, LitExtension ensures no data loss with their 30-day Moneyback Guarantee and Free Unlimited Re-migrations.

LitExtension has gained its reputation thanks to flawless automated shopping cart migration service. This method supports transferring product, customer, order, other data and information from one shopping cart to another safely.

LitExtension tool operates in two modes:

  • Migrate data and settings
  • Migrate incremental and updated data

The steps are also quite simple; there’re 3 main stages:

  • Set up your Source Store and Target Store
  • Select entities you want to migrate
  • Migrate data from Magento 1 to Magento 2

The price for LitExtension service starts from $59. They also provide you with a pricing tool to estimate your price. There’s a free demo for you to explore the workflow and calculate the effectiveness of their service.

You can learn more about their migration process here!

In conclusion

Stop thinking that your store will perform the same after the Magento team terminates support for Magento 1; right now is the prime time to migrate to Magento 2! To fulfill the needs of upgrading your online store, Magento and its technology partners have developed various supporting Magento 2 migration tools. We hope that you can choose the most suitable tool to safely migrate your store to the advanced Magento 2.

If you want an expert team to professionally migrate and customize your new Magento 2 store, contact Magenest Store right now! With only a few days left, our experienced team promises you a completely smooth migration. Click this button to explore our full-stack services right away!