Advanced Search

Advanced Search

Make the searching process less tedious and more specific with our Advanced Searching extensions!

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  1. Ajax Search
    • - Auto-complete search suggestion
    • - Freely customize every detail of the searching box
  2. Extended Support
    • - Information advices from professional supporters
    • - Support in real time via chatbox with small issues

Improve your store sales with Magento 2 Advanced Search

Do you know what my graduation speech was? “Thanks google for making this possible”

Admit it, we all use google to make our daily life easier. From looking up simple meanings of a words to searching where to buy a product, the search engine has become a go to place, a habit, an addiction. And Google deserves that. They help you to find nearly everything, even if what you search may seem bizarre or out of this world. The power of a search engine lies in its ability to search for different variations of a term so that we get more results. Learning from that principle, we have created the Magento 2 Advanced Search Extension to help customers search discovers more products with ease.

Find more, search less with Magento 2 Advanced Search Extension

By utilizing the search database from search services such as Sphinx Search and Solr Search, store managers will make the search process easier for customers. Our Magento 2 Search Plugin comes with the synonym search function, which allows you to define a set of words as synonyms. When customers search with a keyword, all products containing synonyms of that keyword will also be found. Therefore, more products will be discovered and store owners will have a higher chance a landing a sales.