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4.4.0 (Plus)

Magento 2 Instagram Shop

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Magento 2 Instagram Shop extension helps you drive more sales by showcasing the Instagram gallery on your online stores. The Plus version adds more advanced functionalities to the extensions.

What you need What you need

Driving sales is critical to any eCommerce operation and as such, cross-channel marketing is widely adopted for greater exposure to consumers. Through social media like Instagram , you can promote your products and communicate with your customers directly. Unfortunately, the default Magento feature doesn’t have integrated social media capabilities so managing your content across these channels can consume a lot of time.

How we handle it How we handle it

Magento 2 Instagram integration by Magenest lets you put your Instagram feed on your website. This not only promotes your social channel but also lets you use its content to drive sales, as you can pin your own products onto these Instagram photos.

Turn your store into a visual art gallery with Magento 2 Instagram Shop

Attracting customer with the magnificent gallery

PLUSMultiple layout options for the slider and gallery

    In addition to the basic grid display, we've included multiple layouts for the slider as well as the gallery page in Magento 2 Instagram Feed widget backend. This gives you out-of-the-box customization options to suit your visual preference and the aesthetics of your store.

  • Single layout
  • Standard grid layout
  • Dynamic grid layout

PLUSUse hotspots to pin products onto your Instagram photos

    In Magento 2 back-end, merchants can use 'hotspots' to pinpoint products on their Instagram photos. This is a helpful feature if you have more than one product in a single photo. Easily point out which product is which to give customers a better experience.

  • Intuitive drag-and-drop pinpoint tool
  • Select up to 5 products

Appealing and functional photo slider and full-page gallery

    Customers can click to view enlarged Instagram photos with details (caption, likes, comments from Instagram included)

  • Instagram photos in the gallery will be displayed with featured products alongside
  • Customers can see the full gallery of your Instagram photos on a separate page

Encourage customer interaction with engaging CTA elements

    If you want to initiate, foster and strengthen the customer relationship, this feature of Magento 2 Instagram widget is for you. Using the CTA widget navigates your shoppers to the landing page and increases the converse rate for the website.

  • Engaging ‘Shop Now' text upon hovering on photos
  • Social sharing buttons allowing customers to easily share your photos online

Import Instagram videos on your online store

    Instead of a slide of images, merchants are able to select appealing video attaching onto their contents, which makes your products more attractive and realistic.

Manage your content with ease

PLUSTrack how your photos perform

    Merchants can now see a detailed report of how visitors interact with their feed images and featured products in the backend. The dashboard shows notable detail such as views, clicks, likes, etc. Magento 2 Instagram Feed extension helps business owners to make better decisions for their content strategy, in terms of visual direction.

Conveniently customize your photo slider from Magento backend

    Vendors can arrange the Instagram photos easily on the backend page, turning your website into an eye-catching gallery.

  • Specify the number of Instagram sliders and where they are on your website
  • Choose how many Instagram photos can appear in a single slide
  • Specify the margin between your photos in the Instagram slider
  • Turn animation automation on or off, set the animation speed and direction

Instagram Shop is compatible with Magento 2 Themes from Magentech

    Magentech is a top trusted theme providor on Envanto Marketplace, providing high-quality products and catch up the new trend of technology to give you more valued theme with a unique combination of new ideas, flexible architecture and easy-to-use product

Full list of features for Instagram Shop for Magento 2

  • PLUS Pin products in Instagram photos with a drag-drop mechanic
  • PLUS Multiple layouts for the Instagram gallery added
  • PLUS A detailed tracking report
  • Use secured Client ID and Client Secret with native Instagram API to link your account
  • Pull all photos from your Instagram to your website
  • Manage which photos appear on and which are hidden from your slider and gallery
  • Choose which photos will feature the products you want from Magento backend
  • Display sneak peaks of your products alongside with your Instagram photos
  • The sneak peaks are linked to their corresponding product page on your website
  • Customers can see the full gallery of your Instagram photos on a separate page
  • Engaging 'Shop Now' text upon hovering on photos
  • Social Sharing buttons for customers to share your products online
  • Customize your slider to suit your website layout
  • Easy setup and configuration

More useful features

  • Magento 2 Instagram Shop setting


    Merchants can make payments on behalf of customers in the backend page. This helps to provide an additional payment option for exceptional circumstances.

  • Magento 2 Instagram Shop photo size


    Track your Instagram photos attached on your website and pull all photos or specific photos using hashtags from your Instagram to your website

    Choose which photos will feature the products you want from Magento 2 Instagram Shop backend

  • Magento 2 Instagram Shop picture


    The sneak peeks are linked to their corresponding product page on your website.

    Customers can see the full gallery of your Instagram photos on a seperated page.

  • Magento 2 Instagram Shop slider


    In the widget options, vendors can set up features for their sliders such as animation loop, slide slow speed, or title of the widget displayed on the front-end

Sell more with Instagram Shop PLUS

Standard Plus
Multiple layout options no yes
Pull and show all or specific photos using hashtags no yes
Create separated Instagram gallery page no yes
Social sharing button available no yes
Product pins on photos no yes
Import videos from Instagram to your store no yes
Reports on customer behaviours no yes
Mobile responsive no yes
Compatible with different themes no yes
Show likes/comments no yes
Multiple store support available through our Customization Service no yes
Embed Instagram feed on store pages yes yes
Feature products alongside photos yes yes
Attach links to product pages on corresponding featured products yes yes
CTA button when hovering on photos yes yes
Customize photo slider and gallery yes yes
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