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Magento 2 Facebook Messenger

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Magento 2 Facebook Messenger

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Magento 2 Facebook Messenger keeps you responsive to Facebook clients

  • Receive messages from customers on Facebook
  • Response messages directly using Facebook Messenger
  • Collect customer data including name, location, email, age, etc.
  • Summarise data to see trends & insight

For better customer service, you can turn your Facebook Messenger into a Chatbot with Magenest Facebook Chatbot extension (from $49 only)

Keep connected with your customers in Magento 2

Redirect customers messages from store to Facebook fanpage

  • Admin can add or manage images into various galleries.
  • They is able to switch the status of the images between enable and disable.
  • They can not only add and delete pictures but also insert the image information and filters, save and upload them.
  • They can create galleries just with some simple movements. They can name the galleries, set theirs status and choose the thumbnail pictures for them.

Turn data into marketing strategy and action

  • Merchants can receive info that is supported by Facebook, including customer name, customer location, customer birthday, customer email, customer age, etc.
  • Using this information, merchants can better understand their customer groups

Easy setup and configuration

  • Connect your Magento 2 store with the Facebook Page using native Facebook API key
  • Change the color, shadow effect, text color, and content of your chat box
  • Ready to receive messages from Customers in Facebook

Full list of features for Magento 2 Facebook Messenger

  • Connect Magento 2 with Facebook
  • Receive messages from Facebook customers
  • Design the Facebook chat form in Magento 2
  • Acquire Facebook user information
  • Turn data into marketing insight for your stores
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