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Facebook Messenger

Magento 2 Facebook Messenger keeps you responsive to Facebook clients

  • Receive messages from customers on Facebook
  • Response messages directly using Facebook Messgenger
  • Collect customer data including name, location, email, age, etc.
  • Summarise data to see trends & insight
CE 2.1.x, EE 2.1.x
Version 1.0.0

Keep connected with your customers in Magento 2

Redirect customers messages from store to Facebook fanpage

  • Receive customers' messages from Facebook
  • See messages sent from Facebook to your fan page right in Magento 2 store
  • Reply to messages from customers using Facebook Messenger

Turn data into marketing strategy and action

  • Merchants can receive info that is supported by Facebook, including customer name, customer location, customer birthday, customer email, customer age, etc.
  • Using this information, merchants can better understand their customer groups

Easy setup and configuration

  • Connect your Magento 2 store with the Facebook Page using native Facebook API key
  • Change the color, shadow effect, text color, and content of your chat box
  • Ready to receive messages from Customers in Facebook

Full list of features for Magento 2 Facebook Messenger

  • Connect Magento 2 with Facebook
  • Receive messages from Facebook customers
  • Design the Facebook chat form in Magento 2
  • Acquire Facebook user information
  • Turn data into marketing insight for your stores

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Facebook Messenger
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