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  1. magento-2-zoho-crm-integration-extension
    • - Sync products, orders, invoices from Magento 2 to Zoho CRM
    • - Sync customers from Magento into Zoho Leads, Contacts, and Accounts
  2. magento-2-salesforce-crm-integration-extension
    • - Magenest is the Official Partner of Salesforce
    • - Sync product, order, campaign to Salesforce
  3. magento-2-license-delivery-extension
    • - Easily create a license product
    • - Add unlimited pincode by image, text or .CSV file.
  4. magento-2-event-ticket-extension
    • - Create multi-venue, multi-date events
    • - Create multiple ticket types and options
  5. magento-2-ultimate-follow-up-emails-extension
    • - Send follow up email on customer behaviors
    • - Send emails on special events - 3 default events
  6. magento-2-gift-registry-extension
    • - Create various types of event for customers
    • - Set block content & background image for each event type
  7. magento-2-gift-wrapper-extension
    • - Create and manage wrappers and postcards in the back-end
    • - Assign wrappers and postcards to products
  8. magento-2-mega-menu-extension
    • - Create a multi-level menu using drag & drop or hyperlink
    • - Add pages, categories or custom item(s) to the menu
  9. magento-2-product-labels-extension
    • - Customize and place your labels with ease
    • - Highlight for products that are: on sale, exclusive, bestsellers, etc.
  10. magento 2 quickbooks desktop integration
    • - Synchronize sales orders, sales invoices, and credit memos
    • - Transfer taxes, shipping fees, discounts, and payment methods from Magento 2 to Quickbooks
  11. magento-2-subscriptions-and-recurring-payments-extension
    • - Fully compatible with Magento 2 Commerce (EE)
    • - Support Paypal payment method (Paypal supports both initial fee and trial fee)
  12. magento 2 quickbooks online integration
    • - Data changes from Magento 2 are automatically updated to QuickBooks Online
    • - Sync products data from Magento 2 to QuickBooks Online (Stock sync only Available on QBO Plus)
  13. magento-2-multiple-vendors-extension
    • - Manage vendors and their orders, products easiy
    • - Set commission for each vendor
  14. magento-2-odoo-integration-extension
    • - Allow syncing Magento 2 Customers to Odoo contacts
    • - Allow syncing product, order, invoice, sale order, and credit memo from Magento to Odoo
  15. magento-2-social-login-and-share
    • - Support 9 widely used social networks
    • - Support product and link sharing to social networks
  16. stripe payment subscription
    • - Magenest is an Official Partner of Stripe
    • - NEW Comply with latest SCA (3D Secure 2.0‎) under PSD2.
  17. shop by brand magento 2
    • - Add and manage brands easily
    • - Beautiful brand pages with full of comprehensive information
  18. magento-2-admin-email-notification
    • - Automatically send notification emails to vendors and customers
    • - Easy to customize email templates
  19. magento-2-xero-integration-icon
    • - Sync products, customers, credit memos, and orders from Magento 2 to Xero
    • - Sync orders, invoices from Magento into Xero invoices
  20. magento-2-sage-payment
    • - Support all payment options from Opayo - PI, Server, Form, Direct, and PayPal
    • - Accept all major credit cards
  21. Customer Attributes
    • - Create unlimited attributes
    • - Choose to specific pages to display customer attributes
  22. Store Locator
    • - Create and manage multiple store locations
    • - Collect all stores in one seperate page
  23. SMS Marketing
    • - A new platform for communication between store owner and customers with high conversion rate
    • - Boost sales and increate market segments with targeted customers
  24. Rental System
    • - Create and manage your rental properties
    • - Set a specific time period for each product
  25. Magento 2 Popup Extension
    • - Create unlimited popups
    • - Multiple trigger rules: after users spend X seconds on the page, after users scroll X% of the page after users view X pages on the website
  26. Worldpay Payment and Subscriptions
    • - More successful transactions - More revenue
    • - Secured payment - 3D Secure, PCI DSS Compliance
  27. Barclaycard ePDQ Payment Gateway
    • - Create a luxurious brand image
    • - Process payments through Direct Link (Comply with SCA - Under PSD2)
  28. Adyen Payment and Subscription
    • - Give your brand a modern young and innovative image
    • - Support for a vast number of payment methods
  29. Facebook Messenger
    • - Receive messages from customers on Facebook
    • - Response messages directly using Facebook Messenger
  30. Out Stock Subscription
    • - Providing the back-end interface to users
    • - Easily keeping track with the subscription list
  31. Paya - Sage Payment Solution Integration
    • - Magenest is Paya official partner integrating payment solution for Magento 2
    • - Tokenization, saved cards, 3D Secure, AVS/CVV verification, block payments with in-house rules
  32. Zendesk Integration
    • - Customers have ability of creating and managing issues from Magento 2
    • - Admin contacts directly to customers in Magento 2
  33. Magenest Booking Mobile App
    • - Seamless check-in with barcode or QR code scanning
    • - Verify ticket by redeeming its code
  34. Promo Bar
    • - Use one or multiple slides per notification bar
    • - Display the promo bar on any page in your website
  35. Ajax Search
    • - Auto-complete search suggestion
    • - Freely customize every detail of the searching box
  36. Magento 2 Photo Reviews
    • - Customers can upload photos in the review section
    • - Display the pros and cons on the review section
  37.  Mobile App Builder FREE - Mininest
    • - Support both Android & IOS
    • - Ready-to-use templates that can be customizable to suit your brand
  38. Coupon Code Listing
    • - Show coupon code list at the view cart and checkout page
    • - Coupon code will be automatically disabled after it expires
  39. Facebook Chatbot
    • - Receive and respond to customer queries directly through Facebook Messenger
    • - Create unlimited messages to automatically answer customer questions

The improved Magento 2 extensions

After years of development, employing hundreds of seniors developers and thousands of working hours, the Magento team has completed the Magento 2 e-commerce platform. Compared to Magento 1, Magento 2 offers a huge advantage for customers. The upgraded platform is totally revamped, with more functionality, scalability and flexibility. In addition, the Magento 2 marketplace also gives customer access to a host of magento 2 extensions, allowing the platform to be powered up even more.

Why magento 2 modules are better?

More extension features and updates for customers

Thanks to the Magento team, the new version provides developers with more leeway to tinker with the platform, and allows them to demonstrate their creativity. In addition, the magento 2 Enterprise and Community Editions will be updated with new features every 3 months. Therefore, new magento 2 extensions will be packed with even more features and updated more frequently, building upon the amazing capabilities that existed on Magento 1.

More streamlined development process

  • On magento 2, an important UI element that has been redesigned is the product creation section. The new design is simplified so now you can create configurable products directly, while in the previous magento version you will have to create a simple product first. Other upgrades include better data import function and simplified product creation tool. These features allow products to be created and tested 4 times faster.
  • Magento 2 is based on modern technologies such as PHP, Varnish, Solr, RabbitMQ that help developers to perform automated testing. Shorter testing will allow developers to focus on other tasks and speed up the development process.

Better user experience

  • We are now living in the era of mobile. In fact, mobile devices are the main platform that customers use to connect with the world, including merchants. This change in behavior means that UI designs have to mobile responsive and touch friendly. Store managers can now manage their businesses anywhere, facilitating a faster decision making process and allowing the company to adapt to customers’ needs.

Higher quality

The magento team has now step into the marketplace and gain control of the extension submission process. Strict standards regarding coding practices and functionality duplication mean fewer low-quality extensions getting accepted into the Magento Marketplace. Only trustworthy extension providers such as Magenest will be allowed to provide their extensions on a large scale.