CE, EE 2.3.x, 2.4.x
Version 102.0.2

Magento 2 Subscription and Recurring Payments

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Magento 2 Subscription and Recurring Payments

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Allow your customers to subscribe to products or services and gain stable recurring payments with Magento 2 Subscription & Recurring Payments.

  • Fully compatible with Magento 2 Commerce (EE)
  • Support Paypal payment method (Paypal supports both initial fee and trial fee)
  • Create subscription plans and choose which products they apply to
  • Choose whether customers can choose a start date for their subscription or not
  • Manage customers and subscription profiles
  • Let customers suspend, cancel, and renew their subscription from the My Account dashboard
  • Trial plans for customers to try your subscription
  • Use initial fee for subscriptions (only available in Paypal)
  • PCI DSS compliance


  • Our extension store can support Stripe payment method. You need to purchase Stripe extension to enable this feature.
  • Our demo is for feature testing only, the Magento Demo edition is not relevant to the Magento Extension edition. Please check on the product pages or with our support team for the correct Magento edition of our extensions.

Create unlimited flexible subscription plans with Magento 2 Subscription and Recurring Payments

Built-in features to maximize your subscription websites

Create flexible subscription plans with ease

    • Create subscription plans and apply them to any product of your choice
    • Support simple products, virtual products and configurable products
    • Set billing cycles to x days, weeks, or months
    • Enable and disenable a subscription product easily
    • Customers can either subscribe to products or make one-time purchase normally
    • Add multiple subscription plans to a products to give customers a variety of choices
    • Set billing time separate from buying time

*Note: Stripe currently doesn't support configurable product subscriptions

Set unlimited number of subscription templates (plans) - adapt to every customer's needs

  • Set a name for your plan
  • Set a period unit, choosing between day, week, semi-month, month, year
  • Set a billing frequency for your plan, which is the interval between each payment
  • Set maximum number of billing cycles, which is the total number of times your customers will pay for the plan
  • Set an initial fee for your plan - the amount of money that customers will pay upfront when subscribe to the plan
  • Assign subscription template to your products in just several clicks - Check all the products you want and apply the template

Create trial plans - Motivate customers to try your subscription products and services

  • Set up a trial fee - Customers will pay for this fee to enjoy their trial period
  • Choose a period unit for the trial subscription
  • Set up a billing frequency for your trial period
  • Set up the maximum number of billing cycles
  • After the trial plan, the plan will return to their normal pricing and schedules

Trial plans have a small, nominal fee and a short trial period, which will reduce risk for customers and encourage them to try the products and services

Keep customers in the know by notifying them of their subscription

  • Send emails to customers when they subscribe to a new plan
  • Send emails to customers when they pay for the subscription charge
  • Send emails to customers when they cancel the subscription
  • Send emails to customers when they suspend the subscription (Paypal Only)
  • Notification emails are set by templates and sent automatically

Keeping customers up to date with their subscription plans so they will be more proactive in making payment

Automate subscription payment process - Save managers from labor manual tasks

  • Allow customers to retry their payment on payment failure
  • Or automatically cancel subscription on payment failure
  • Set a specific number of retries for customers so they can have a chance to make late payment

Manage subscription profiles

  • Merchants can see a list of all subscription profiles from their Magento 2 back-end
  • See customer and product information, including shipping address, product id, name and SKU
  • See subscripiton schedule, including starting date, maximum number of payment failures, billing period info, billing, tax, and shipping amount
  • See subscription status including cycles paid, remaining cycles, outstanding balance, failed payments
  • See fee related info, including trial and initial fee information

Support for different payment gateways

  • Support subscription payment through Paypal Payment Gateway
  • Support subscription payments made through Stripe
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