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Stripe Payment

Secure payment gateway with 500 million Stripe customers

  • NEW! Support Stripe.js v3 with Stripe Elements for PCI DSS Compliance
  • Smart payment filter - Multi treatment methods
  • Tokenization - Prevent interception
  • Safe payment - IFrame checkout form
  • 3D Secure - Security layer added
  • Apple Pay, Google Pay, Giropay and Alipay
  • Country restriction - Stop abusive hackers
CE 2.x.x, EE 2.x.x
Version 2.0.5



Enjoy a seamless payment process and advanced security with Magento 2 Stripe Payment

Protect cardholders' info with iFrame checkout form hosted by Stripe

  • Easy to embed a Stripe checkout payment form on your Magento 2 checkout page
  • Cardholders' info will not be stored on your Magento 2 site
  • Strife is responsible for managing and protecting customer payment info

Smart fraud prevention algorithm - Payment filtering

  • Define rules for payment filters
  • Automate payment processing workflow
  • Ban countries with negative payment behaviors
  • Block payments that do not meet predefined requirements
  • Combine criteria to create complex payment rules

Prevent thefts and fraudulent payments with 3D Secure

  • Negate dispute fee for orders on your website with 3D Secure
  • Reduce chance of accepting stolen-card payments
  • Meets requirements of banks that implement 3D Secure

Tokenization - Protect card data during transfers

  • Encrypt card details into a one-time token
  • Tokens have no inherent value
  • Merchants' server don't store the real card info
  • Hackers cannot retrace the token to make payments

Verify card information with CVC/AVS Verification

  • Verify the final digits of a payment card (CVC/CVV)
  • Verify customers' address (billing address, ZIP)
  • Compare customers' address with data from card issuers
  • Reject payment made by cards with mismatched info

Pre-authorization - Verify cardholders' account balance

  • When receiving purchase requests, merchants can verify the card balance
  • An amount of money equaling the order value will be kept on hold
  • This amount ensures payment is guaranteed for merchants
  • The authorization will be released (expire) after an authorization cut-off date
  • Merchants can navigate to Magento 2 back-end to capture payments
  • Authorization ensures card balance is sufficient for payments

Pre-authorization prevent fraudulent activities. Merchants will not receive payment from a card with insufficient balance. Reduced refunds helps to reduce chargebacks. (Chargeback occurs when payments are made with stolen cards and customers ask for refunds).

Full compliance with the card industry

  • Stripe has the highest PCI DSS Compliance level (Level 1)
  • Support both Stripe.js v2 and Stripe.js v3 with Stripe Elements
  • Support direct API (this does not work with 3D Secure)
  • Payment card data processed on Stripe's server is tightly secured
  • Merchants bear no responsibility when storing and processing card info with Stripe

Fluid and natural payment experience

  • Stripe embedded checkout form allows customers to submit payments while still staying in the checkout page
  • Enhances customer experience and maintains a continuous checkout flow

Saved card information for faster checkout

  • Allows customers to save card info when making payment
  • Saves time for customers by not having to retype card details
  • Multiple cards can be saved at the same time
  • Customers can easily select from their list of saved cards

Prevent a customer service crisis with Direct Refund

  • Merchants can perform refunds directly from the backend of their Magento 2 store
  • With support for Direct Fund, merchant can reduce time for the refund process to prevent customer dissatisfaction

When customers request a refund, it is best to return their money to them as soon as possible. This will prevent potential reputation damage to your business and sustain your customer service ratings.

Authorization and capture

  • Authorization verifies card eligibility automatically
  • Payments are automatically captured without merchants having to go to their Magento 2 back-end

Capturing payment

  • Merchants can request for payment immediately from their store backend
  • This allows merchants to capture their revenue conveniently and reduces any risk of payment loss

Boost market exposure for merchants

  • Provides access to over 25 countries with more than 500 million customers
  • Supports 135 currencies so customers can make payment from different countries

Pay with Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Giro Pay

  • Supports Apple Pay for maximum exposure to a wealthy customer base
  • Customers can pay with their phones/tablets for more convenience
  • In-app purchase gives an uninterrupted experience
  • Make payment even faster with support for Apple Touch ID
  • Supports Google Pay for a large Android user base
  • Alipay and Giropay gives merchants access to European countries

Full list of features for Stripe Pay Magento 2 Integration to helps you accept payment easily:

  • (NEW!) Single tap checkout with Apple Pay
  • (NEW!) Pay with Google Pay, Giro Pay and Alipay
  • Secure Iframe Payment
  • Smart payment filtering algorithm
  • CVC/AVS Verification
  • Tokenization
  • PCI DSS Level 1 Gateway
  • 3D Secure Support
  • Pre-authorization
  • Full authorization
  • Capturing payment
  • Direct Refund
  • Saved card
  • Support multiple currencies
  • Support different payment card brands, including Visa, MasterCard, American Express
  • Support 25 countries
  • Support 135 currencies
  • Support Stripe.js v3 with Stripe elements for PCI DSS v3.2 Compliance

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