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Stripe Payment

Secure payment gateway with 500 million Stripe customers

  • Smart payment filter - Multi treatment methods
  • Tokenization - Prevent interception
  • Safe payment - IFrame checkout form
  • 3D Secure - Added security layer
  • Apple Pay, Google Pay, Alipay and Giro Pay
  • Country restriction - Stop abusive hackers
CE 2.x.x, EE 2.x.x
Version 2.0.0



Enjoy a seamless payment process and advanced security with Magento 2 Stripe Payment

Protect customer payment info with iFrame checkout form

    Filling card information into an unfamiliar online page is definitely uncomfortable for consumers. Our extension helps you by redirecting your customers to their trusted transaction context for security assurance

  • Easy to embed a checkout payment form hosted by Stripe on your Magento 2 checkout page
  • Customer card info will be stored and processed on Stripe‚Äôs server
  • Merchants will not have to worry about managing and protecting customer payment info

Smart fraud prevention algorithm - Payment filter

    With a trusted filter to prevent payments from lost or stolen cards, your customers will be more than happy knowing they are safe shopping with you.

  • Set payment filters with various rules
  • Automate payment processing workflow
  • Ban countrries with bad payment behaviors
  • Block payments that exceed predefined thresholds
  • Combine criteria to create complex payment rules

Prevent thefts and fraud payments with 3D Secure

    3D Secure adds another layer of protection in the form of an online authentication to your purchase. This method operates by asking for information regarding your current purchase environment.

  • No more dispute fee for orders on your website with 3D Secure
  • Reduce chance of accepting payment from stolen cards
  • Meet requirements of banks that implement 3D Secure

Tokenization - Protect card data when transferring

    By encrypting customers' card information into an irreversable code, we guarantee the safety of your customers' personal data as well as your hard-earned trust.

  • Encrypt card details into a single-use token code
  • The token has no inherent value
  • Merchant's server will never know the real card info
  • Hackers cannot use this code to make payment

Check for invalid card with CVC/AVS Verification

  • Check the final digits of a payment card (CVC/CVV)
  • Check customer's address (billing address, ZIP)
  • Compare customer's address with data from card companies
  • Reject payment made by cards when info does not match

Pre-authorization - Verify card balance

    With a reliable authorization system, you - the vendors are no longer vulnerable to fraudulent or early-cancelled payment.

  • When making payment, merchants might authorize a card, checking for the card's balance
  • An amount of money equaling to order value will be kept on hold
  • This amount ensures payment is guaranteed for merchants
  • The authorization will be released (expire) after a authorization cut-off date
  • Merchants can navigate to Magento 2 back-end to capture the payment
  • Authorization ensures card balance is sufficient for payment

Pre-authorization prevent frauds. Merchants will not receive payment from a card with no balance. Authorization protects merchants from having to refund, since money has not been transferred to merchant's account. Reduced refunds helps to reduce chargebacks. (Chargeback occurs when payments are made with stolen cards and customers ask for refunds).

Full compliance with payment card industry

  • Stripe has the highest PCI DSS Compliance level (Level 1)
  • Payment card data processed on Stripe's server is securely protected
  • Merchants can rest assured when storing and processing card info with Stripe

Seamless payment experience

    The embedded check-out form gives your customers a smooth navigation through out the purchase process.

  • Stripe embedded checkout form allows customers to pay without leaving the store
  • Improve customer experience and maintain checkout flow

Saved card for effortless checkout

    By eliminating a lengthy information input process with pre-saved card information, your customers now waste no time finalizing their order. Enough said.

  • Save customer card info when making payment
  • No longer break your finger typing in card details
  • Save multiple cards to choose for later purchases
  • Freely choose from a list of saved cards

Save yourself from a customer service crisis with Direct Refund

    When customers request a refund, there is not much that you can do. If all else has failed, it is best to return their money to them as soon as possible. This will prevent further damage to your reputation and might even get you a Medal for Best Customer Service.

  • Merchants can refund money directly from the backend of their Magento 2 store
  • With support for Direct Fund, merchant can help speed up this process and help prevent customer dissatisfaction turning into a crisis

Authorization and capture

  • Enjoy the safety of authorization, auto verify customer's card balance
  • Automatically capture fund so merchants do not have to go to Magento 2 back-end to request for payment

Capturing payment

  • Merchants can request for payment immediately from their store backend
  • This enables merchants to capture their revenue without leaving their store, reducing any risk of losing payment

Boost revenue and market exposure for merchants

  • Access to over 25 countries with more than 500 million customers
  • Support 135 currencies, so customers can make payment from different countries

Pay with Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Giro Pay

  • Support Apple Pay for maximum exposure to a wealthy customer base
  • Pay right through your mobile device for convenience
  • Pay for in-app purchases for uninterrupted experience
  • Make payment simple with support for Apple Touch ID
  • Pay with Google for a large Android user base
  • Alipay and Giropay to conquer European countries

Full list of features for Stripe Pay Magento 2 Integration that help you accept payment easily:

  • (NEW!) Single tap checkout with Apple Pay
  • (NEW!) Pay with Google Pay, Giro Pay and Alipay
  • Secure Iframe Payment
  • Smart payment filtering algorithm
  • CVC/AVS Verification
  • Tokenization
  • PCI DSS Level 1 Gateway
  • 3D Secure Support
  • Pre-authorization
  • Full authorization
  • Capturing payment
  • Direct Refund
  • Saved card
  • Support multiple currencies
  • Support different payment card brands, including Visa, MasterCard, American Express
  • Support 25 countries
  • Support 135 currencies
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