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Paya - Sage Payment Solution Integration

Never let a bad user experience disrupt your sales, provide customers with a complete and advanced checkout experience with Paya Integration for Magento 2 (previously Sage Payment Solution)

  • Advanced payment - iFrame Checkout, 3D Secure
  • Security standard: PCI DSS Compliance Level 1
  • MOTO (Backend) support
  • Card info saving with tokenization
  • Payment authorization and capture
  • Gift Aid Donation support
  • Multiple-currency support
  • Note: Paya was previously Sage Pay integration for the US. For the UK version, click here. For more details about Paya, please visit its Developer Portal.

CE 2.2.x, EE 2.2.x
Version 1.0.0

Lock in your customer with secured and flexible payment plan of Paya Integration for Magento 2

iFrame for secured payment data

Consumers generally do not feel comfortable providing their payment information into an unfamiliar site. By providing your customers with their trusted transaction context, they will feel safer making purchases.

  • With Paya drop-in checkout, merchants will be able to embed a payment form hosted by Paya on their check out page
  • Customers' payment info will be stored and processed on Paya's server

3D Secure support

Enabling 3D Secure adds an additional layer of protection to your business. This method operates by asking for information regarding your current purchase environment.

  • Protect card holders from potential card and data theft
  • Protect merchants from unauthorized transaction chargebacks

Pre-authorization support

  • Paya will verify customer's balance to ensure that it is sufficient for the transaction
  • The amount of money required for the payment will be temporarily hold from the customer’s account
  • The fund will be kept on hold for a certain period of time before the pre-authorization expires and releases fund or until you request to capture it
  • This verification step helps merchants to ensure that payment card details are not forged, as well as that the customer’s account balance is sufficient for the transaction

CVC Verification

This "timeless" method requires the buyer to input CVC/CVV or AVS to be verified. Paya will then carry out or stop the payment before banks may authorize frauds to pay for their purchases.

Card data security standard - Sage Pay PCI DSS Compliance

  • Paya is PCI DSS Level 1 compliant - the highest level of card data security
  • Both merchants and customers can feel safe when storing and processing customers payment data on Paya

Seamless payment experience

Paya embedded payment form allows customers to make the purchase without breaking the checkout flow of the merchant site, reducing churn rate for the merchant

Card information saving option with Tokenization

  • Use tokenization to protect credit card data
  • Customer can save their payment card info for future purchases
  • No need to manually enter their card detail again and again
  • Customers can save multiple credit cards to easily choose from

Direct Refund to deal with 1* ratings and angry customers

    Customers aren't always happy with what they buy. Having a quick option to compensate for them can be life-saving

  • You can authorize refunds directly from the backend of their Magento 2 store
  • With support for Direct Fund, you can speed up this process before customer dissatisfaction turns into a crisis

Full authorization support

To save merchants' time waiting for Paya's approval for theoir request, Paya gives its customers full authorization. It has the same mechamism as pre-authorization, but merchants is allowed to capture the money right away

  • This automates the capturing process so you won't need to keep logging into your Magento 2 store back-end to get the payment

Capturing payment

  • You are able to request for payment immediately from your Magento 2 store backend
  • This helps merchants to capture their revenue while doesn't have to leave the store

Donate with Gift Aid through Paya platform

The citizens are able to claim back their taxes on every received pound through Gift Aid Donation. The donation will be given to registered charities that use Gift Aid through Sage Pay platform.

Support making payment at frontend and backend (MOTO)

  • You can pay for orders from the admin panel on behalf of the customers
  • The most common use is for customers who buy through emails or telephone
  • You can utilize this to provide additional payment methods for your business
  • Increase conversion rate for your store

Paya customizable form - Drop-in checkout

  • Customers can display Paya payment method with drop-in on checkout pages
  • Customers are able to customize the Sage Pay drop-in form
  • Enhance the user experience
  • One key feature of PCI DSS compliance

Full list of features for Paya Integration for Magento 2

  • Secure Iframe Payment
  • PCI DSS Level 1
  • Direct Payment
  • 3D Secure
  • Pre-authorization
  • Full authorization
  • Capturing payment
  • Direct Refund
  • Saved card info for future payment
  • Tokenization
  • Support multiple currencies
  • Support different payment card brands, including Visa, MasterCard, American Express
  • Gift aid for donation
  • Support different card brands
  • Accept payments on customer own form

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Paya - Sage Payment Solution Integration
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