Subscription is shaping the new shopping behavior. 70% of business leaders say subscription business models will be key to their prospects in the upcoming years. The average subscription billing vendor is growing 30%–50% annually.

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  1. Subscription and Recurring Payments
    • - Fully compatible with Magento 2 Commerce (EE)
    • - Support Paypal payment method (Paypal supports both initial fee and trial fee)
  2. stripe payment subscription
    • - NEW Comply with latest SCA (3D Secure 2.0‎) under PSD2.
    • - NEW IFrame Payment andStripe.js v3 with Stripe Elements for PCI DSS Compliance for merchants
  3. Adyen Payment and Subscription
    • - Give your brand a modern young and innovative image
    • - Support for a vast number of payment methods
  4. Extended Support
    • - Information advices from professional supporters
    • - Support in real time via chatbox with small issues

Earn more from each customers with Magento 2 Subscription Management Extension

The most difficult task for a business is to acquire new customers from scratch. In fact, a survey by has shown that 80% revenue for business come from return customers, not one off patronage. Therefore, businesses must do everything to keep their customers coming back. Yet, they don't realize that there is a really simple way to keep customers buying their products and services.The method is called subscription. It is so effective and contributes a lot to the profit of companies that there is a whole new industry arising out of it, including companies such as BirchBox, Dollar Shave Club, etc.

So how do they help your business?

Magento 2 Subscription Management helps businesses to keep a consistent income source

Subscription helps you to secure even more revenue. It motivates customers to commit their money to buying your products and services for a long period of time. Money will be paid from customers' account periodically and automatically. This means store owners will be able to generate a stable stream of income. It will also save them a lot of time spent on persuading existing customers to come back, as they are subscribed to the services, turning buying into a routine.

Subscription to multiple products and services to create even more loyalty

If you have products that customers need to buy or restock frequently, then our Subscription Extension for Magento 2 will definitely makes your store an attractive destination. By using Magenest Subscription plugin, customers will be spared from the time and effort wasted on buying the same things over and over again. We will free them from the boredom of repeating the task and and the difficulty of having to remember when to repurchase a product.