Email Marketing

Email Marketing

Automate your email marketing campaigns to skyrocket your sales! Our extensions provide you with easy-to-understand workflows, highly customizable email templates, and seamless integration with third-party services such as Mailchimp, Nextmo.

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  1. magento-2-admin-email-notification
    • - Automatically send notification emails to store admin
    • - Easy to customize email templates
    $99.00 $49.00
  2. magento-2-ultimate-follow-up-emails-extension
    • - Send follow up email on customer behaviors
    • - Send emails on special events - 3 default events
  3. SMS Marketing
    • - A new platform for communication between store owner and customers with high conversion rate
    • - Boost sales and increate market segments with targeted customers
  4. Extended Support
    • - Information advices from professional supporters
    • - Support in real time via chatbox with small issues

Magento 2 Email Marketing: The tool in the new era of marketing

Traditional marketing used to be big. Consumers were passive viewers, sitting in front of televisions and watched whatever the big media had for them. Things are different now. Customers now can control what they view, what they read, what they see. They now have the power to dictate what types of messages can get their attention. You can push as many marketing messages as you want on televisions, newspaper and magazines, but consumers can turn it off right away. Customers now spend time on digital platforms, which give them control over what content to see and not, and mass, unfocused messages will never get to them again. It is time to switch to email marketing as gives you more benefits over traditional marketing.

Conducting targeted marketing campaign with Magento 2 Email Marketing extension

With our Magento 2 email marketing extension, store merchants will be able to send emails to specific groups of customers that they have defined. Customers can be categorized according to their purchase history, buying behavior, their respective stage on the customer journey, etc. Based on these data and information, different email templates will be sent to the corresponding customers. This ensures each message sent to customers will be relevant to their need and leads to higher mail open rate as well as conversion rate.

Magento 2 Extension for Email Marketing costs you virtually nothing

It is pretty simple to create an email to use for your marketing campaign. All you need is a little knowledge of HTML, or even no knowledge at all (you can create an email template at Mailchimp and then save the HTML file to copy it into your Magento 2 Email Marketing template). In addition, no one is charging you for sending email to customers. When compared to expensive advertising tools such as Facebook ads, the little time spent creating promotional email is worth it.