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SMS Marketing

Easily sending text messages to customers with SMS Marketing extension for Magento by Magenest.

CE 2.1.x, EE 2.1.x
Version 1.0.1

Create a whole new platform for communication between you and customers

Customize your notification messages to improve customer experience

  • Choose from 4 variables from Magento 2: customer name, order ID, old order status, new order status
  • Send SMS when customers sign up an account in Magento 2
  • Send SMS to customers when they successfully order a product in Magento 2
  • Send SMS to customers when order status changes in Magento 2

Send messages to customers using services from the US, UK and Australia

  • For the US market, merchants can use SMS services from Twilio and Nexmo
  • For the UK market, merchants can use use SMS services from TextLocal, VoodooSMS, and TextMarketer

Easily connect different SMS brands with Magento 2 Store

  • Sign up for an SMS service
  • Get an API key from the SMS service
  • Insert credentials into Magento 2 SMS Marketing
  • Ready to send personalized messages to customers

Full list of features for Magento 2 SMS Marketing

  • Send SMS messages customers on account registration
  • Send SMS messages on order success
  • Send SMS messages on order update
  • Personalize SMS sent to customers using variables
  • Ready for integration with 5 different SMS services
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SMS Marketing
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