Booking and Reservation

Booking and Reservation

Our extension will help you build a comprehensive online booking system.

Don't let your business be locked down by the COVID-19 pandemic!

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  1. Booking and Reservation
    • - Create booking & reservation products and services
    • - Set available slots for each booking products in each specific time period
  2. Magenest Booking Mobile App
    • - Seamless check-in with barcode or QR code scanning
    • - Verify ticket by redeeming its code
  3. magento-2-event-ticket-extension
    • - Create multi-venue, multi-date events
    • - Create multiple ticket types and options
  4. Rental System
    • - Create and manage your rental properties
    • - Set a specific time period for each product
  5. Extended Support
    • - Information advices from professional supporters
    • - Support in real time via chatbox with small issues

Secure part your revenue with Magento 2 Booking and Reservation

If you are working in the service industry, chances are that you may get too many customers at peak times, while at during off-peak times your store gets no customers. This makes your revenue stream inconsistent, as well as making it difficult for you to manage your service capacity. In addition, there is also the issue of order cancellation. Customers may change their mind when you are trying to provide your service to them. You have already committed your resources to servicing your customers, but they left before you could deliver it to them. Your revenue is lost.

Understanding these problems, we have created Magento 2 Booking and Reservation extension. This plugin allows customers to deposit money to book and reserve your service. To book a service or products, customers just need to choose that them to choose a specific time, location as well as the particular staff responsible for delivering them the service. This helps store managers to secure part of their income in case customers decide to stop buying the services, minimizing revenues lost from cancelled orders. By requiring customers to make a deposit, store managers will reduce the chance that customers will cancel their order at the last minute.