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Magento 2 Rental System

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Magento 2 Rental System helps you manage your rental business at ease. Keep track of your workflow and products with simple and convenient features. Set up your own renting and delivering rules. Let’s get ready for more revenue and better services with our extension!

  • Create and manage your rental properties
  • Set a specific time period for each product
  • Let customers choose ways of delivery
  • Different pricing for each product and additional rental time
  • Customized email templates and receipts with a unique identification code
  • Add a default rental policy page
  • NEWEnsure you’d never have overlapping orders through hold rate
What you need What you need

The rental business is now the rising trend among eCommerce store. It’s a great way to make the most from your repeatable products and services. This model also benefits customers to have the needed item at a much cheaper price. However, it’s not easy to manually manage your newborn business in Magento 2. Retailers struggle to follow product settings and the workflow of each order. The demand for a tool to support the rental business becomes urgent than ever!

How we handle it How we handle it

Magento 2 Rental System is one of the pioneers in supporting this new business trend. Our extension helps store owners manage the items and set pricing rules easily. Everything is organized for the best performance. Moreover, retailers can customize every aspect of the store. The tool makes it simple to run your new rental business model smoothly!

All essential tools you need for your rental business packaged in Magento 2 Rental System

Easy configuration to set up your own store

  • A rental receipt code is generated automatically.
  • Google API Keys are integrated to show the map on the product page.
  • Settings for the maximum rental period and pick up address.
  • Settings for opening time and day-offs.
  • Policy announcement.

A new type of Magento product - Rental product is created and edited easily

    You can opt for adding a new product with rental product type by 2 ways: Catalog > Products > Add product or Catalog > Rental Products > Add Rental Product. You are enabled to set:

  • Base price and Base block.
  • Additional price and additional block.
  • Rental price calculation.
  • Delivery type (pickup or shipping with lead time)

Rental products and orders are managed easily

  • Info in grid table shows available quantity and time rented.
  • Track the status of orders (pending, delivered, returned).

Easy-to-use storefront for customers

  • Choose rental products with multiple options.
  • Plan a flexible rental scheduled time.
  • Google map integration for better customer experience.

A full list of Magento 2 Rental System features

  • Backend Features
  • Add a rental with a new product type - Rental product.
  • Set various rental period for products: hour(s), day(s)
  • Set price for a fixed rental period and additional rental time.
  • Choose delivery types: shipping or store pickup.
  • Set address for store pickup and lead time for shipping.
  • Create additional options for rental products with a fixed price or based on rental hours.
  • Set advanced reservation period and maximum rent duration for rental products.
  • Set store’s days off and available hours for renting.
  • Add store’s rental policy.
  • Assign email templates for rental receipt with a unique identification code.
  • Track stock quantity, available quantity and times rented of rental products.
  • View and change the status of rental orders.
  • Frontend Features
  • Choose a suitable rental duration and multiple options.
  • View local pickup locations with integrated google maps.
  • Access personal rental history and status.

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