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Magento 2 Rental System

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Magento 2 Rental System

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Magento 2 Rental System helps you manage your rental business at ease. Keep track of your workflow and products with simple and convenient features. Set up your own renting and delivering rules. Let’s get ready for more revenue and better services with our extension!

  • Create and manage your rental properties
  • Set a specific time period for each product
  • Let customers choose ways of delivery
  • Different pricing for each product and additional rental time
  • Customized email templates and receipts with a unique identification code
  • Add a default rental policy page
  • NEWEnsure you’d never have overlapping orders through hold rate

NOTE: Our demo is for feature testing only, the Magento Demo edition is not relevant to the Magento Extension edition. Please check on the product pages or with our support team for the correct Magento edition of our extensions.

Run your business with the toolkit customized for the rental system!

Quickly set up your rental business

Create new type of product - Rental product

    You can easily create and edit the new type of product for rent in Magento backend. Every attribute of rental products can be edited based on your requirements, and it’s just as simple as manage your usual products!

Set a rental period for each product

    If you are struggling to run your store systematically as well as giving customers a seamless journey, Magento 2 Rental System will help you set up a specific time for each function!

  • Advance Reservation Period: Maximum period from now can a rent start. This prevents selecting renting time too far in the future.
  • Maximum rent duration: default maximum rental period. Each product can have its own maximum duration in the product settings.

Choose fixed price and additional price

    There are different criteria you can fill to make the pricing rules clearly:

  • Base price and Base block (required): Set the rental price for each rental period/duration
  • Additional price and additional block (optional): Set a different price for additional durations which exceed the base block.
  • You can calculate the rental price with or without the additional block. Our algorithm will deliver the exact amount that customers must pay.

Set up two types of delivery

    There are two types of delivery that you can select on the backend: Shipping or local pickup. For shipping, admins can set approximate lead time which is displayed on the product page. For pickup, admins can choose pickup address and show it on the product page. Store owners can allow customers to choose between two types or fix the delivery choice on only one method.

Manage every rental activity of your orders and customers

Follow a thorough report on data and status of orders

    On the Orders page, you can view and manage rental data at ease. The details are organized thoroughly so retailers can follow every order. The info is in the grid table and contains available quantity and time rented. Thanks to clear rental data, you can effortlessly keep track of your stock. There are six statuses of orders so you don’t have to worry about getting lost in your own store! The extension also supports CSV and Excel XML file export.

Set up and display important time and dates

    Magento 2 Rental System makes it easy for you to inform customers about important times and dates so that avoiding unsuccessful transactions.

  • Days off: select the day(s) customers can’t choose as start/end of rent duration
  • Opening/Close hours: available hours when selecting rent duration
  • Holiday: select day(s) off for special occasions

Avoid overlapping orders through hold rate

    Magento 2 Rental System includes the Hold rate to help you control your inventory and prevent overlapping orders. Hold rate is the maximum product quantity that customers can hold when their orders have not been invoiced yet. This will avoid overlapping orders as well as a shortage of products for other buyers.

Smart interface and notification system

Select rental products with multiple options

    It’s time for customers to pick their perfect items! They can choose in a wide range of choices: From products, additional options to the delivery method and rent duration.

Set up email templates and rental receipts with unique identification code

    Your rental receipts will be sent in emails. Admins can choose between the default template or customized template from your store. Each order will receive a unique identification code so both retailers and customers can keep track of the workflow and quickly identify their products.

Follow rental activities easily through calendar and report

    You can see everything clearly in order to not miss any important information. Special dates are displayed in a comprehensive calendar. You can follow the status and rental history in your account easily. Magento 2 Rental System connects customers with retailers effectively for a successful purchase.

More useful features

  • Magento 2 Rental System

    Provide rental policy

    Make sure customers understand the rules and policies of your rental system. You can also send a confirmation request before buyers finish the transaction.

  • Magento 2 Rental System

    Integrate Google maps

    Show exact pick-up locations for customers at the frontend.

  • Magento 2 Rental System

    Show the number of rent times

    Display how many times the product was rent to provide real-time proof for future customers.

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