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Booking and Reservation

Booking and Reservation makes it easy for customer to reserve products and services

  • Create reservation products
  • Set available time slots for services
  • Assign staff to services
  • Set discount for early bird reservations

Make booking any product easy for your customer

Create and manage reservation products

  • Set any products appointment products with ease
  • Set schedule for appoitment products on a specific day
  • Set service hours for product/service to be provided
  • Allocate specific hours to a product
  • Allocate a full day to a product
  • Set the level of stocks or the number of slots available for the product/service for each time period

Add employees to the store and assign tasks to them

  • Add a new employee and their related information to your store staff list
  • Add a profile about the staff to let customers know more about them
  • Add a level of expertise for your staff so you can charge a corresponding price for that level
  • Upload a profile image of your staff to gains more confidence from customers
  • Assign schedules and shifts to employees

  • Allocate specific products to an employee
  • Assign the employees to work on a specific day for the product/service
  • Assign the employee to work for a full day
  • Assign the employee to work for a certain time period of the day
  • Set the schedule on a specific day of the week
  • Set a starting and ending time for the shift
  • Upload a profile image of your staff to gains more confidence from customers
  • Change prices based on different staff level

    Create flexible pricing rules based on different expertise level of your staff

  • Add a new staff level
  • Set an additional price charge for the staff level
  • Special date pricing rule

    • Set a rule name for differentiation
    • Set a starting date for the rule
    • Set an ending date for the rule
    • Choose how the special price will be calculated: add or subtract a fixed amount, add or subtract a percentage of the original price

    Recurring date pricing rule

    • Set priority for the pricing rule
    • Set a recurring rule on a daily, weekly or monthly basis
    • Choose which days to reapply the rule every week, month or year
    • Set how to calculate the pricing: add or subtract a fixed amount, add or subtract a percentage of the original price

    Set early booking pricing rule

    • Set a rule name for easy recognition
    • Set a minimum number of days to book in advance for the rule to be applied
    • Set priority for the rule to apply in case there are multiple rules at the same time
    • Set how to calculate the pricing: add or subtract a fixed amount, add or subtract a percentage of the original price
    • Set the numeric amount to calculate the price

    Manage booking orders

    • Merchants might see a list of booking orders in a seperate section
    • Set the number of days before the booking days that customers can cancel an order
    • Manage all order cancelling requests by customers and approve or disapprove these requests
    • Merchants can track employees workload by seeing orders each staff is taking care of

    Create custom email templates to send to customers

    • Set booking order status to send notification email to customers
    • Send notification emails to staff and customers when order status changes
    • Send notification emails when booking order is unconfirmed, confirmed, or cancelled
    • Set a custom display email name to build customer trust
    • Send email to customers when merchants disapprove cancel request

    Full list of features for Magento 2 Booking and Reservation

    • Create booking services/products
    • Add employees to the store
    • Set a staff expertise level
    • Assign different price charges for different staff levels
    • Assign shift and schedules to staff and employees
    • Set special date pricing rules for services
    • Set recurring pricing rules for services
    • Set early booking pricing for products
    • Manage orders for the whole store and individual staff
    • Manage order cancel requests
    • Send email notification to customers and staff on different order statuses

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    Version 1.0.1 - Updated: August 2, 2016

    Compatibility: magento 2.1

    ### Fix bug:
    - Frontend (did not add staff rule)
    - Frontend (schedule cache)

    Version 1.0.0 - Updated: July 5, 2016

    Compatibility: magento 2.1

    ### Added
    - Allow admin to convert old products or new products to a reservation product.
    - Create product schedule automatically related to staff user in System/All Users/Work Schedule
    - A reservation product has 1 of 4 options (need staff or not, some hours in 1 day or full day)
    - Create staff rules, special date price rules, rush hour rules, pre-order rules
    - Send email to staffs, customer when new reservation orders placed, reservation orders status changed.
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