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Booking and Reservation

Booking and Reservation makes it easy for customer to reserve products and services

  • Create reservation products
  • Set available time slots for services
  • Assign staff to services
  • Set discount for early bird reservations

Keep services on time and employees on track

Maintain professional services with appointment booking

Create and manage reservation & orders

Create reservation products, convert normal products to reservation orders, manage and cancel orders with ease

Organize staff and services

Let customers self-service or add staff and assign tasks to them based on available schedules

Manage appointment on the go

Integrate appointment schedule with Google Calendar so all staff is on the same boat

Keep pricing flexible with multiple pricing rules

Staff pricing rule

Change pricing based on different staff level

Special date pricing rule

Offer promotion at the right time to boost sales

Recurring pricing rule

Auto re-enable promotion campaigns on specific days

Early bird pricing rule

Set discount level for customers based on their reservation date and time

High quality extensions and services

24/7 customer support

Free extension updates (6 months)

Open-source and customizable


Front-end Demo

Home Page

Back-end Demo



Version 1.0.1 - Updated: August 2, 2016

Compatibility: magento 2.1

### Fix bug:
- Frontend (did not add staff rule)
- Frontend (schedule cache)

Version 1.0.0 - Updated: July 5, 2016

Compatibility: magento 2.1

### Added
- Allow admin to convert old products or new products to a reservation product.
- Create product schedule automatically related to staff user in System/All Users/Work Schedule
- A reservation product has 1 of 4 options (need staff or not, some hours in 1 day or full day)
- Create staff rules, special date price rules, rush hour rules, pre-order rules
- Send email to staffs, customer when new reservation orders placed, reservation orders status changed.
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