Magenest Booking Mobile App

Let event organizers manage the tickets mush easier with mobile app.

  • See all lists of events under management & search for events by name
  • Keep track of events and attendance status in real time
  • Seamless check-in with barcode scanning
  • Engage with attendee by seeing their info & status
CE 2.2.x, EE 2.2.x
Version 1.0.0



Magenest Booking is a one-stop solution for booking companies on Android devices. Companies can now track events, attendance, and check-in attendees with their Android smartphones or tablets, everything on-site.

Key Booking Management features:
* Track event and attendance status: Managing staff can take a quick look at the app and get real time access to a list of events as well as their attendance status – tickets available, tickets used, and tickets unused.
* Scan ticket barcode to get attendee info in seconds. This speeds up the check-in process, making the experience pleasant for customers and management easy for staff.
* Check ticket codes to ensure they are valid.
* Confirm check in with the press of a button.


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Magenest Booking Mobile App
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