CRM Integration

CRM Integration

You can nurture the customer relationship amid COVID-19 lockdown by integrating your Magento 2 website with famous CRM software such as Salesforce, Zoho, Vtiger

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Why should I use a Magento 2 CRM extension?

CRM is a set of strategies, activities and tools used to build and maintain relationships with customers, keeping them in touch with the products and services of businesses. Using CRM in the right way can help businesses to nurture the relationships with their customers by understanding their needs more clearly, keeping track of a relation status and conduct marketing activities to develop those relationships further.

Benefit of Magento 2 CRM integration

Our Magento 2 CRM Integration extension helps customer to easily synchronize data between Magento and CRM softwares, including poppular services such as Salesforces, Vtiger, etc. Combining the power of CRM with the Magento platform, all important data including customer info, purchase history, consumption and buying patterns as well as their concerns can be accessed by employees at any time. Putting the right information into the hand of the right employees allow them to make the right decision at the right time.

Easy of use

Are you tired of exporting all your data to a spreadsheet, and then manually import it back to your favorite CRM? Doing so again and again is a huge waste of your time. Get 10 more customers, export and import. Get only 1 customers, also export and reimport? Does that ound productive for you? It is also totally possible for you to duplicate your database, creating 2 records of the same customers, because you might not know where the new record starts. Forget all of that. With our CRM Integration Solution, customers will be able to transfer all customer-related data from Magento 2 to your CRM database at just a click of a mouse. No dupication as our CRM integration extension for Magento 2 will recognize all existing records and skip them for you. Thanks to our magento 2 plugin, you will save a lot of time and spend them on more productive tasks such as servicing your customers.