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Magento 2 Follow up Email

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Magento 2 Follow up Email

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Let's stay engaged with your customers through auto response with Magento 2 Follow Up Email Extension

  • Send follow up email on customer behaviors
  • Send emails on special events - 3 default events
  • Send SMS on customer behaviors
  • Smart cart recovery
  • Integrate with Mandrill (Mailchimp) - Avoid spam folder
  • Integrate with Nexmo - Follow up SMS

Magento 2 Follow Up Email Free Extension helps store owner to boost conversion, nurture customer relationships and increase sales

Different actions - different follow up email sent to customers

  • Choose from 15 pre-set customer behaviors
  • Send related product via email - Induce customers to buy more
  • Auto email to encourage product review -Add more authenticity and content to your products
  • Follow up email to remind customer about wishlist - Customers add products to their wishlist then do nothing about them
  • Send email to notify customers whenever they subscribe newsletter
  • Follow up email when customer make a purchase
  • Follow up mail when customer unsubscribe from newsletter - Say farewell to your customers to keep a good impression of your brand

Automatically send emails on specific events

  • Choose from 3 predefined events
  • Follow up email when there is a new product version - Perfect ways to keep help your customers
  • Auto send follow up email on customer birthday - Celebrate customers at the right time to impress them

Motivate and build customer loyalty by giving them presents or coupons for special events such as holiday, birthday, new registration etc. Admin can specify the number of day before the actual birthday's date and congratulate your clients in advance.

Automatically send mobile messages based on customer behaviors and events

  • Choose from 18 pre-set rules
  • Send mobile messages through Nexmo (you need to signup for Nexmo's service)
  • Integrate with Nexmo in three simple steps - create account, get API keys, and paste them into your Magento 2 backend setting fields

Magento 2 Follow up Email integrated the NexMo that allowing admin to be able to send mobile messages to customers base on their behaviors. Admin can get the mobile number of customer by enabling input form in register step.

Auto generate coupon code in email - Set expired time to encourage customer to buy immediately

  • Set auto-generated coupons
  • Set expiry time for coupons, create a sense of rarity so customers will be urged to buy soon
  • Set the number of uses for each coupon code - Customize this to suit your promotional campaign objective
  • Design patterns for your coupon codes - Create unique codes and memorable brand name
  • Generate coupon codes based on preset rules
  • Automatically insert coupon codes based on coupon variables in email

Admin can set an expiry time for coupons inserted in email. If your customers do not make a quick decision and purchase immediately, they'll miss opportunity to get big discount from you

Easily schedule email campaigns

  • Set the time exactly to send emails for specific events
  • Set the time frame in hours, minutes and as small as seconds
  • Take control of your campaign and send emails immediately by hand
  • Integrate with Google Analytics Campaign to measure and analyze the email campaigns

No more spam mail with Mailchimp integration

  • Integrate with Mandrill (Mailchimp) using API
  • Send email campaigns through Mandrill's server
  • Prevent your emails from entering customers' spam box

Magento 2 Follow up Email Free extension integrated with Mandrill (Mailchimp) to send email to your customers in case you are afraid of emails marked as spam.

Personalize email templates with variables

  • Merchants can use variables to make your emails even better
  • Choose from 31 email variables to personalize your emails
  • Insert customer, product, order info, download link to help notify customers about their orders

Send smart follow-up mobile messages with Nexmo Integration

  • Collect customer mobile numbers on registration
  • Send mobile messages based on 18 rules defined by our extension store
  • Follow up email when there is a new product version - Perfect ways to keep help your customers

Manage your email and sms sending history

  • See all sent emails to customers
  • Track all SMS sent to customers
  • Manage email campaigns with Google Analytics Integration

To make sure that everything works correctly, you can view sms and mail log at Records section.

5 beautiful email templates for specific requirements

  • Emails templates that can be used for different industries
  • Eye-catching design, displaying your accurately target.
  • 100% customizable with variables

Full list of features for Magento 2 Follow Up Email Free Extension

  • Create an unlimited number of email templates
  • Create an unlimited number of flexible rules for sending messages
  • Send messages to customers via emails or SMSs
  • Collect customer information: mobile number,birthday etc
  • Set and manage effective email campaigns
  • Personalize emails with variables
  • Free 5 customizable email templates
  • Smart coupon codes - Set exact exipry time by day, hour and minute
  • Send emails to customers on their birthday
  • Manage customers that unsubscribed from your emails
  • Manage email and SMS sending history
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