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Sage Pay And Subscriptions

Keep your revenue stream with Magento 2 Sage Pay Subscription

  • Set the number of payments and intervals
  • Support 25 currencies
  • Trusted payment gateway in the UK

Keep money flowing into your pocket with Sage Pay Subscription

Secure your revenue with Sage Subscription Manager

Set number of payments and intevals

Define how many times customers will pay and how long until the next pay cycle

Protect payment info with highly secure payment technology

3D Secure

Protect customer card by asking for a PIN number from customer to ensure they are the card owner. This means hackers cannot use the stolen cards to purchase without know the secret PIN

CVC Verification

This technology asks for CVC, CVC or AVS to check security. In case the info fails to match the server data, Sage Pay will stop the payment before banks may authorize hackers to pay for their purchases

Smart Payment Filter Methods

Restrict countries from payment

Use IP restriction to block certain countries from making payment on your websites - due to their fraudulent records or business reasons

Set maximum and minimum order value

Merchants can set rules to only allow payments within a certain range of value. For instance, you can block payments with value below $5

Different ways to process payments

Authorize only

The payment and card information is sent to customer's bank to check and the fund or credit available on card. The fund is kept on customer's bank account until a transaction cut-off date

Authorize and capture

Card and payment information is check and money is Transferred from customer's bank account to merchant's bank account at the same time

Support for 25 currencies

Make it easier for customers to buy from abroad with multiple currencies supported

High quality extensions and services from Magenest

24/7 customer support

Free extension updates (6 months)

Open-source and customizable


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Version 1.0.1 - Updated: October 20, 2016

Compatibility: magento 2.1

### Added
1. Minor fixes

Version 1.0.0 - Updated: August 13, 2016

Compatibility: magento 2.1

### Added
1. Allow customers to checkout using credit card payment
2. Allow admins to integrate their SagePay account to the Magento store
- Enable or disable the gateway
- Integrate using vendor credential
- Specify allowed credit card types and countries
- Specify minimum and maximum order amount
3. Add a layer of security with 3D checkout
4. Support multiple stores
5. Easily check transaction history
6. Admins can create subscription plans for each products, each includes
- Subscription frequency
- Total amount of cycles for a profile (0 for ongoing subscription)
7. Customers can subscribe to an available plan on a specific product. A profile will then be created.
8. Admins can easily manage profiles or disable them.
9. Customers can also manage their profiles and disable them as well.
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