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Sage Pay And Subscription

Keep your revenue stream with Magento 2 Sage Pay Subscription

  • NEW! Support Protocol v3.0 and Form Integration
  • NEW! Support SagePay PayPal and Refund API
  • Set the number of payments and intervals
  • Support 3D Secure, IFrame Checkout form
  • Full authorization and Direct Refund
  • Highly secured payment gateway
  • CVC Verification - Prevent fraudulent cards
  • Save card using tokenization
  • Support 25 currencies

Note: This is Sage Pay integration for the UK. For the US version, click here

CE 2.x.x, EE 2.x.x
Version 1.6.6



Manage subscription from UK customers with Magento 2 Sagepay Subscription

Keep revenue coming consistently with subscription plan manager

    With subscription management tool, merchants will put customer's mind at ease when ordering necessity products. No longer forget about buying your favorite magazine, your personal hygiene products, just set it up one time and let everything runs on autopilot

  • Create new subscription plans for customers
  • Turn existing products into subscription products
  • Set the number of payment cycles
  • Set subscription pricing policy

Secure customer credit card info by using iFrame checkout form

    Putting credit card info on a strange website usually makes customers feel insecure. Sagepay Payment Extension prevent all the anxiety by redirecting your customers to their trusted transaction context for security assurance.

  • Using SagePay drop-in checkout, you can embed a payment form which is hosted by SagePay
  • This payment form shows up on the merchant’s website, but the payment information is stored as well as processed on SagePay’s server

Prevent chargebacks and fraud with SagePay 3D Secure

    3D Secure or Payer Authentication is a protocol that is designed to be another security layer for credit card transactions. 3D Secure reduces fraud payments to protect both merchant and customers

  • Meet bank requirements about 3D Secure
  • Reduce chances of chargebacks, fraud and card thieves
  • Able to modify order status or billing details

Support pre-authorization

    Pre-authorization helps merchant prevent fraud. When the fund has not been captured, customers will not be able to request for refund. Chargebacks often happen when customers ask for refund when payment has been made through stolen cards.

  • With pre-authorization, merchants can make a nominal charge to customer’s bank account (the money is not immediately debited from customer’s bank account but will be put on hold temporarily)
  • Hold the amount of money from customer’s account before real charging to verify their payment ability
  • Merchants can request for the payment to be captured from Magento 2 admin panel
  • Pre-authorization ensures that customer credit cards are not fake, and customer’s account balance is sufficient to make purchase

CVC Verification

CVC Verification asks for CVC/CVV or AVS (Address check) to confirm the security of the credit cards. If the information doesn not match the server data, SagePay will stop the payment before the bank authorizes hackers to pay.

Full compliance with payment security standards

  • Enjoy security from a PCI DSS Level 1 compliant payment processor. SagePay Payment Gateway gives you the highest level of card data security
  • The payment gateway holds PCI DSS compliance level 1, giving merchants and customers peace of mind when making payment with SagePay

Seamless payment experience

Our extension uses the embedded check-out form that gives customers a smooth navigation through out the purchase process.

  • Using SagePay embedded payment enables customers to pay for their orders while staying in the store website
  • Improve customer shopping experience and lower churn rate
  • Saved card for future purchase using Tokenization

      Tokenization is the most innovative credit card security to protect card data for customers. SagePay use this method to help customers save their credit card with ease

    • Customers who log in can save their credit card to use next time
    • No need to remember a long sequence of number and enter the card detail manually again and again
    • Able to save multiple credit cards for customers so that they can switch to the other

    Save merchant's reputation and brand image with Direct Refund

      When customers request for a refund, they are in a bad mood. Since all support effort failed, merchants should give the money back to customers as soon as possible to calm them down

    • Merchants can make the refund directly from Magento 2 backend
    • With support of Direct Fund, merchant can quicken the refund process with high acuracy and avoid customer dissatisfaction

    Support authorization and capture

    For merchants that enjoy quick payment, they can use the full authorization for SagePay. This works similar to pre-authorization but merchants can capture the fund at the same time without making any request to SagePay’s server.

    • The capturing process is automatic so merchants do not have to navitgate to their Magento 2 back-end to ask for their money

    Capturing payment

    • Merchants can request for the payment immediately from their Magento backend
    • Capturing payment allows merchants to capture their payment without leaving their store, reducing any risk of losing payment

    Optimized for charity organizations with Gift Aids

    In the UK, customers can claim back part of their tax money by donating through Gift Aid, a tax relief incentive created to benefit charities and Community Amateur Sports Clubs (CASC)

    • With Gift Aid enabled in Sage Pay, customers can now easily perform this task when donating to a charity
    • They only need to read the agreement, tick in the checkbox, and everything is automatically

    NEW! Protocol 3.0 and Form Integration Support

    Form integration allows vendors to receive payments more easily without much set-up work, as Sage Pay will capture the payment from customers on their own hosted payment pages.

    • Merchants have increased security and usability when not having to host the payment pages on their own site.
    • Redirected forms is quicker and easier to set up than embedded ones

    NEW! Sage Pay Paypal and Refund API Support

    With Sage Pay supporting PayPal, vendors can have access to a wider range of customers

    • Vendors using Sage Pay now have the option for customers to use PayPal as a payment method
    • Customers are directed to a PayPal hosted form to sign in and/or complete their PayPal payment
    • Vendors can offer refund for successfully processed transactions, either in full or partially

    Accept payments on customer own form

    • Accept payment in minutes
    • Use Sage simple drop-in checkout
    • Customize payment page with customer's own form integration
    • Provide a flexible form to enable seamless integration with payment pages
    • Provide with complete control of the checkout experience
    • Keep the PCI requirements at a minimum

    Full list of features for Sage Pay Subscription for Magento 2

    • Subscription management tool
    • Secure Iframe Payment
    • PCI DSS Level 1
    • Direct Payment
    • 3D Secure
    • Pre-authorization
    • Full authorization
    • Capturing payment
    • Authorize and Capture
    • Direct Refund
    • Saved card for convenience
    • Tokenization - ultimate data security
    • Support multiple currencies
    • Support different payment card brands, including Visa, MasterCard, American Express
    • Gift aid for donation
    • Support different card brands
    • Accept payments on customer own form

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