Magento 2 Adyen Payment and Subscription

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Magento 2 Adyen Payment and Subscription

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  • Give your brand a modern young and innovative image
  • Support for a vast number of payment methods
  • Maintain an omni-channel shopping experience for customers
  • Allow customers to subscribe to products and services

Important Announcement: We stopped releasing new versions for Adyen Payment and Subscription and there is no support for this extension.

Adyen Payment and Subscription extension helps store owner to boost conversion, nurture customer relationships and increase sales

The payment industry is changing at the speed of a bullet. Every day, there is a new payment method coming out. As a merchant, it may be confusing for you to choose an appropriate payment gateway among hundreds of products. And just right after you installed one payment method, a new method comes out, and may even make your method obsolete.

Luckily, with Adyen payment gateway, you can leave all these worries behind. The Adyen payment and Subscription is the payment gateway that support the largest number of payment methods, even those such as Paypal, or mobile payment services such as ApplePay.

By adopting Adyen Payment and Subscription Module, you will be able to support almost any new payment method available on the market. Thereby, you can keep up with the younger generation who prefers to use newer and more convenient payment services. 

With a vast number of payment gateways supported, you will be able to maintain a seamless shopping experience across multiple channel, increase customer satisfaction and reduce customer churning when switching platforms.

Finally, your store will also have the subscription function, which helps to maintain customer loyalty by allowing them to subscribe to your products and services. Merchants will have a consistent stream of revenue, keeping their store operation stable. No more variation in demand!

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