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Magento 2 Mega Menu is an useful tool to create and optimize menu layouts with flexible options. Magenest's extension helps your Magento store to gain more attraction, improving customer’s experience with ease.

  • Create a multi-level menu using drag & drop or hyperlink
  • Add pages, categories or custom item(s) to the menu
  • Customize menu items with different colors, background images, labels or icons
  • Generate menu according to existing categories automatically
  • Create labels for the menu
  • Assign a label to each menu item
  • Able to customize label and menu with HTML and CSS
  • Live preview for label editing
  • Add background image/change background color for menu
CE, EE 2.1.x, 2.2.x, 2.3.x
Version 2.2.0



Create an attractive menu impress all your customers with Magento 2 Mega Menu extension

Adding pages in your menu

  • Admins can choose a page from a list of choices such as Home page, Enable Cookies and Privacy Policy to add into the menu.
  • Admins are also allowed to set up the menu structure.

Adding categories into menu

  • In this setting, admins can choose the category product that they want to display on the menu.
  • The extension also enables admins to edit or remove any of these items.

Adding links into menu

  • Admin can insert links into their menus.
  • Admins can set the title for the links.

Adding texts into menu

  • Admins can put the texts on menus orderly.
  • Admins can put several texts on one menu.

Setting up mega menu or fly-out menu

  • In the general setting of the Mega menu extension display, admins can set up the name, status, and template of the menu.
  • It also can change the store ID
  • Amins can use fly-out menus to provide an overview of a website’s hierarchy. It eliminates the need for multiple page loads.
  • Magento 2 Mega Menu extension helps vendors to increase sales by allowing customers to navigate with ease through the store’s menu.

Customizing menu items

  • Admin can change the display information, location and style of the menu items.
  • Admin is able to create labels with many default style options.
  • Admins can choose the Text Color, Hover Text Color, Hover Button Background Color from RGB color picker to edit your menu in the front end page.

The list of features of Mega Menu extension for Magento 2

  • Add pages into the menu
  • Add categories into the menu
  • Insert links and texts into the menu
  • Setting up a mega menu or fly-out menu
  • Customizing menu items
  • Create a multi-level menu
  • Generate menu according to existing categories automatically
  • Customize label and menu
  • Add background image/change background color for menu

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