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Magento 2 Banner Slider

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With Banner Slider for Magento 2, your sales are definitely boosted up through highlighted products using various attractive banner sliders right at first glance!

  • Various options in types of banner, slider and animation for admin
  • Highly- customizable sliders in the back-end
  • Upload your own photos as slides
  • Navigate website traffic to particular products
  • Customers can quickly access to the products page

Make a strong impression on your customers through eye-catching carousels using Banner Slider by Magenest.

Create various banners for advertisements

Three options: Banner, Single Slider, and 2 Sliders - Slider Sync provide merchants various options create the perfect advertisements supporting store’s marketing plans. The simple and quick configuration process is also an advantage for admins to easily use the functions. The availability of attractive advertisement guarantees to boost up engagement and reduce the exit rate.

Customize easily based on what you need

Banner Slider supports users with multiple choices to design their own banners. The size, color and spacing between items are customizable to fit with store-owners’ preference. They can use their own pictures to design carousel. Three types of content are ready to be applied: button, text, and HTML. Customers can freely adjust these features on their banners or sliders.

Apply numerous animations effect for slider

    Animations can help you create strong impressions through your website’s banner. Admins can arrange effects for the carousels. These animations can grab the attention of customers to hot items or new sales and discount campaigns. 7 options are available, which are:

  • Navigation Arrows
  • Slide Indicator
  • Auto Height
  • Loop
  • AutoPlay
  • Draggable
  • Center Mode

Put the banners/sliders anywhere you like

The extension supports the banners or carousels and banners to display on multiple chosen pages, all pages or 4 default pages including Home Page, Catalog Pages, Product Pages, and One Page Checkout Success. This feature allows admins to make the advertisements appear wherever they want. Admins can also manage display time for the sliders to give the best experience for visitors: Whether the slides display simultaneously or consecutively. Customers won’t be missed out from any valuable information of your stores, even when they are about to complete the transaction at the Checkout page. Within each particular page, there are 8 options for admins to choose for the carousels to appear, which are:

  • Page Top
  • Page Header Container
  • Page Footer Container
  • Main Content Area
  • Main Content Aside
  • Main Content Button
  • Main Content Top
  • Main Content Container
  • Full list of features for Banner Slider

    • Choose between three types of banner and slider
    • Create sliders in Magento 2 back-end
    • Upload photos to use as a slide
    • Add links to slides
    • Customize appearance easily
    • Multiple slider animations available
    • Quickly access to the outstanding product on the shop page
    • Set display time for better impact
    • Locate everywhere

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